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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 | Author: Josh

As I look around the Internet, I decided to look at the new website Hypable, that was created by some of the team from Mugglecast. Under Harry Potter, there was an article by Richard Reid in which he heavily criticised Daniel Radcliffs acting, and as I looked at the comments, somebody asked him who he would rather play Harry Potter, and that is my question to you all. Who would play Harry if Dan didn’t?

My choice? I would have to go with Johnny Depp. Now wait and look at this picture first before you say anything.→→→→→→→→→

So I ask you, who could play Harry Potter?

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Thursday, March 17th, 2011 | Author: Josh

The Wizengamot Court of the Overlooked:

Where you decide the verdict of the overlooked characters places and things in the wizarding world.


This time we take a look at……

Argus Filch!

Malicious or misunderstood?


Case Facts:

                As the caretaker of Hogwarts, Argus Filch (A.K.A. Filch) has to keep a firm grip on security, rule-breaking, and assigning and recording punishments. However, because of his “disability”, he has to be rather unpleasant to the students or they will ignore him.  He loves his job, he hates kids, and his only friend is his sidekick, Mrs. Norris, a shabby, dust colored cat.

It’s time to decide!

 Malicious or Misunderstood?


Chief Warlock:  Malicious, you’re closing arguments!

Malicious: Filch is a very hostile man. Even Hagrid calls him an “old git.” Now why would a man that is so happy and kind, such as Hagrid, hate another man? I’ll tell you why. Because he has been treated badly. Treated badly by that man right there .   

                Although he tries to keep the peace of Hogwarts, the teachers are sometimes annoyed with him. The only teacher that wasn’t exasperated by his presence was the infamous High Inquisitor, Dolores Umbridge. Umbridge, who is currently in Azkaban for crimes against Muggle-borns, was a strict believer in severe punishment. She often took extremes in punishments. It has been rumored that she use veritaserum on a minor, and that she attempted a Crusiatus curse on a minor in attempts to extract information from students.

                No wonder Filch liked her. He had been on a leash of restriction for too long. He was given permission to whip misbehaving students. A whip, ladies and gentlemen! He had always wanted to have permission to whip. He is a lover of punishment. He was rumored to have almost given a punishment to a student for tracking mud into the castle.

                Now you are wondering why a man would behave in such a way. I will tell you why! He was a Squib! Exhibit A! A Kwikspell course assessment with the grade “T. “  

You wonder why that would make a difference? It is very simple. I propose to the court, that he felt inferior to the students. All of them being to use magic, he had to have felt resentment towards them, and the only way he could inflict feelings of jealousy was to cause students turmoil.

Now, most of the staff at Hogwarts that give out punishments are rather reasonable. All except Filch. It has been speculated that Filch has an uncanny speed of getting to places in Hogwarts. Exhibit B! A strange map entitled “The Marauders Map.” This map shows where everyone in Hogwarts is at, and where every single secret entrance way is. It has been revealed by Mr. George Weasly’s testimony that his brother and himself stole it from Filch in their first year (1989). The date that this map was made is unknown (sometime between 1971 and 1977), but it was reported confiscated by Filch himself somewhere in that period. This means it could have been used by Filch himself to purposely track students down.

And speaking of tracking, he had a hunting partner. Mrs. Norris. That ugly thing he calls a cat is a rotten tattletale.

                In conclusion, Filch and his ugly cat both should be charged with being willfully Malicious.

Chief Warlock: Misunderstood, your closing remarks please!

Misunderstood: Thank you, your honor.

Ladies and gentlemen of the court, I would like to sort out some misconceptions that you might have. First, The Marauders Map requires magic, and as you were so kind to point out, Filch is a squib. How could Filch use the map without magic? Unless you have some other crazy theory to this up, Filch had to have found the secret passageways himself.

Second, his “hunting partner” is just a cat. But, not just any cat. If you look up Kneazle in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” it says that a Kneazle is a cat like creature that can interbreed with cats to produce a mixed breed. They can detect unsavory or suspicious persons and react badly to them, and when it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. I suspect that Mrs. Norris is part Kneazle and Filch uses her gifts to aid him in his work. 

                 Third, Filch has been given nothing but trouble from students since his employment. Since he is limited by his “disability”, he has had to keep a firm hand on the students.  This sometimes calls for a little more push than usual. 

Fourth, our world of magic requires, well…magic. Of course, Filch has no magic. He was very lucky that Dumbledore was able to get a job, or else he would be working in the muggle world, as most jobs in the wizarding world require magic.

                There is no proof that Argus had a relationship with Delores. But it seems that he did try to find a little more than friendship in Madam Pince, the librarian at Hogwarts.

                Filch is a very misunderstood old man. His only friend is a cat-Kneazle mix. He has been shown no love and is given no respect. He has had to use desperate measures to keep the peace, but that doesn’t mean he is malicious.  Thank you.

Chief Warlock: Any redirect?

Misunderstood:  Just one thing. He didn’t have to be mean. And about Filch having a relationship with Madam Pince. That is pure speculation. 

Chief Warlock: Thank you. The Wizigamot will now make their decision.



Please comment. I will count the first twenty comments as votes and include one myself. I will announce the verdict in the next post.


The Wonderful Craig Fur…..I mean….JK Rowling!!

Tuesday, February 08th, 2011 | Author: Josh

I am sorry for the delay. I have been meaning to write for a long time.

I love comedy, especially the live preformed comedy and Improv. There is a CBS talk show on at 12:30 am that I love to watch, not just for the jokes, but for the host, Craig Ferguson. He is a Scottish immigrant and is the funniest person I have ever heard in my life (besides Colin Mocherie, which you Canadians probably know).

Anyway, about the time of the release of Deathly Hallows, he did these skits of which I thought were hilarious. For those who love J.K. Rowling, you probably shouldn’t watch this because it makes fun of her, but it’s all good fun. I love her too, so don’t get mad at me.

Here is another one.



Why Harry’s Patronus is a Rabbit? I Will Never Know.

Saturday, November 20th, 2010 | Author: Josh

In the weeks building up to DH part 1, I started to fill my conscious mind with as much Harry Potter as I could possibly hold. It filled up so much that all the information I was cramming into my conscious mind started to overflow into my unconscious mind,and yes for the first time in my life I started dreaming about Harry Potter (and weird dreams at that!).
My first dream was a strange one. I was Harry and we were filming the seven Potters scene of the movie. For some strange reason we were filming it at my school and it was set up like a parade where all the rest of the Potters and their escorts were in front of me circling around the place. I was sitting in Sirius’ bike with Hagrid and then all these Death Eaters came out and chased us. I ran into the bathroom then realized it was the girls’ bathroom and I ran out and went in the boys bathroom and it turned into a classroom………..and that’s all I remember.
That isn’t the weirdest one either. In my second dream, I was Harry yet again and my friends (who looked alot like Vikings) and I were looking through junk piles so we could make weapons. I couldn’t find anything good, so i went for a hike in the mountains of junk and found a huge plumbing wrench. I thought that was good enough, so I trekked back into town and stepped inside my house where I found all of my family bound with ropes all sitting on the couch. Across the room was Voldemort and he started to charge me. I pulled out my wand,(which by the way, if I had a wand, I wouldn’t be looking for a plumbing wrench as a weapon!!!) and cried out “Sectumsempra!!!” He deflected it and grabbed my wand and snapped it in two. I fell on the ground and saw that someone else had dropped their wand. I grabbed it and shouted “Expecto Patronum!!!” A rabbit shot out of the end of the wand and dug a hole underneath Voldemort, causing him to fall. The rabbit quickly filled the hole burying the Dark Lord six feet under.

I told you they were weird…….

For one thing, if this were true, then Harry must have fallen in love with Luna (for her Patronus is a rabbit) like when Tonks changed hers into a werewolf when she fell in love with Lupin. If they got married and had kids, that could make for a weird family. I can just hear the family conversations.

Kids: “Okay Mom, we will go play outside.”

Luna: “Harry dear, could you go and play with them?”

Harry: “Sure Luna, lets go kids!!”

Luna: “Be careful, and watch out for Nargles!!!”


Kids: “Dad, what are Nargles?”

Harry: “I  quite frankly, have no idea, but just pretend you know, for your mothers sake. She is just crazy, but don’t tell her I said that.

However funny it would be, its not really what happened. These were just silly dreams, strings of my thoughts forming memories that aren’t real, but interesting.

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Sorry Emily! I stole your idea! Josh’s “Can’t Wait to Watch Moments”!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 | Author: Josh

The Harry Potter film franchise is coming to a saddening conclusion. But that doesn’t mean it is over. We still have got two movies to go, so let us look at the awesome scenes that we have to look forward to.

The Wedding: The final moment of happiness before the epic journey of the last book begins. We see Fleur and Bill join in matrimony, and our first experience of the questioning of the secrets of Dumbledore; and we also get our first mention of Gregorovitch and Grindelwald. I also can’t wait to see the Lovegood’s dance.

Godrics Hollow : Probably the most emotional scene in the book, Harry visits his old home and the Potter’s memorial and gravestone. We also visit “Bathlida Bagshot” at her house and see the breaking of Harry’s Wand.

Snape’s memory:  My most favorite chapter in the whole series, it answers all the questions we had been asking for a long time. Snape’s enduring love for Lily and burning hatred for James is finally shown to Harry. The memory also gives Harry the secret that will defeat Voldemort.  

The Seven Potters: From the recent photos and videos that have been released, I can only imagine how embarrassing and fun this scene must have been to film. The fight will be awesome too.  The  death of Mad-Eye will be heart wrenching.

Epilogue:   The meaningful conclusion of a great series that offers just enough closure (although we could all agree that we wanted more). I can’t wait to see Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione’s kids

The Deathly Hallows: It has been released that the three brothers’ sequence will be animated, but I don’t care. The Hallows will be cool to see on screen. We will, thanks to the resurrection stone, be able to see the return of Gary Oldman to the series which my mom will love.
Ministry of Magic: The mission to retrieve the locket will be filled with suspense as they find the locket, stun Umbridge (I was so happy when Harry did that), and help the suspected Mudbloods get away.

The Malfoy Manor: The place where important deaths happened (Dobby, Peter, Charity) the escape from the manor will be towards the end of Part 1. Harry will also steal Draco’s wand.

Gringotts: Who would have thought that the most secure place in the Wizarding World would be broken into by three teenagers and a former employee? We have to look forward to see Helena Bonham Carter act like Emma Watson.

 The Battle of Hogwarts: The exciting, final climax of the book. We will be seeing many old faces come and fight of Death Eaters. We will see Harry defeat the greatest dark wizard of all time. We will love to see Emma Thompson come back to throw crystal balls over the banister at Hogwarts as Professor Trelawney.

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Snape: A Girl? The Lesson Harry Potter Taught Me

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 | Author: Josh

I was what they call in the education world “above average.” I learned to read at a very young age and, very quickly, the “Dr. Seuss” type books started to bore me. My mind was expanding and the answer came to me via family friends. They let us borrow a book that they said we had to read.

They pulled out a book that looked very strange. It had a skinny boy with a cape holding on to a red bird’s tail. I was interested, and seeing it was a chapter book, my mom would have to read it to me. But to my dismay, we got home and soon realized it was a sequel. My mom said she would try to get the first one when she went to the store. And, spoiled me, got the first one at the store.

I was instantly engulfed in a story, involving an orphaned wizard. I begged my mom to read more and more. I loved listening to her voice as she tried her best English accent when reading dialogue. She would try to read the weird words (she would, against my suggestion, keep pronouncing Hermione: Her-me-own. It would drive me crazy! She stood her ground until the movie came out though).

I soon learned that if I wanted to keep along with the story, I had to pay attention. As the title suggests, as I laid there listening to my mom, I would sometimes mistake what she said. So for half the Sorcerer’s Stone, I believed Snape was a Girl (foreshadowing to book three, as picture shows). I was so embarrassed when I found out.

I finished listening to the first two books. It was what I lived for and nothing that was happening in the world seemed to matter (9/11, Y2K, nothing!). I then started to read on my own and that was when the trouble happened. I started reading too fast to pick up on the details that made the story great.

I realized my mistake when I recently reread the series. So here is my advice to all readers and future readers: It’s when you reread Harry Potter that makes the series magical. I realize now that if you double check things it makes your life fuller and easier.

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