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Mrs. Weasley’s Thick Onion Soup

Saturday, June 15th, 2013 | Author: Heather

I think it can be unanimously agreed upon that when we think onion soup, we think Mrs. Weasley. It’s a good dish that just seems to suit the Burrow. At it’s core, onion soup is very much a peasant soup, made of rough roots straight from the ground. It’s wholesome, it’s warm, unassuming, and perfect after a night battling dark wizards or convincing potions professors to come out of retirement. So to go along with episode 39, I give you Mrs. Weasley’s thick onion soup.

To start you’ll need to chop some onions. Lots and lots of onions. If you think you have too many onions cut, slice up one more. These cook down a lot. I wound up using every onion I could find but one. Around 8 in total. Cut off the ends before you start chopping them if you don’t want to cry like you did when Dobby died.

Lots and lots of onions.

Seriously just a lot of onions

Next mince one section of a garlic clove. Mincing just means cutting something into really, really small pieces. Like this.

Pour a good dose of olive oil into a pot or pan. I prefer to use a big cast iron pot because it acts like a frying pan but you can make soup in it. Fill your dish of choice with the onions and garlic.

Let these cook on the stove, stirring occasionally for about half an hour. Add olive oil as needed. After about 15 minutes throw in a tablespoon of water. Add a couple of pinches of sugar and a dash of salt. You’ll want the onions to cook until they start to go all brown and sort of stringy and stick to the pan a little. They’ll also start to smell really good. That’s because you’re releasing all of the sugars in the onions and bringing out the flavors. When the onions are ready, congratulate yourself! You just made a ton of caramelized onions!

Also note how much they’ve shrunk. Really, do not worry about having too many onions.

Now remove the onions from heat. If you need to transfer them into a soup pot, now’s your time. Next comes the broth-y part. This is a little complicated: you open cans of broth and poor them over the onions. Scary, I know. But it actually sort of is difficult to get the proportions right. You should be using a 1:1 ratio of chicken broth to beef broth. That means that for every can or cup or flagon or whatever of chicken you use, you use the same amount of the beef. So I used 2 cans of chicken broth and 2 cans of beef. But you may have to just eyeball it depending on the amount of onions you have and the size of your pot. You can of course use vegetable broth or a vegan broth of your own choosing. Throw in half a can of water as well.

I’m really bad at seasoning things so I’m going to leave you on your own for that. I threw in a bay leaf, a bit of dried basil, and some salt. But get creative! It’s your time to shine.

Set it on a low heat and let it simmer. It looks like soup now!

You could theoretically keep this soup going for weeks but I would suggest serving it after half an hour to a couple of hours. Or whenever your family starts to gather ravenously in the kitchen.

Right before you’re about to serve, take some thick cut bread and place it on baking sheet covered in aluminum foil. Store-bought Italian or French will do fine. Butter the bread and sprinkle with garlic powder. Cover in grated cheese. Traditionally it’s Gruyere but I’ve heard of people using cheddar, gouda, asiago, or Swiss. It really doesn’t matter. I use mozzarella because it’s a favorite in this house. Pop these little guys in the oven and bake at 350F for a few minutes until the cheese is gooey and the bread golden-brown.

Now ladle the soup into bowls. Sprinkle more cheese over the top of the soup and place your giant cheese croutons on top of that.

If you have a little sister who is opposed to onions, then just pile bread on a plate for her.

Serve to the assembled wizard hordes and in true Mrs. Weasley fashion insist that everyone eat three bowls.

I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, if anyone tries their hand at this recipe, please tell me how it went!


The Potter Pensieve #39 – HBP Chapters 5-8

Friday, June 14th, 2013 | Author: Adam

Heather, Mauricio, Sarah and Adam get together this week to discuss chapters 4-8 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Some topics include:

-The gendered marketing in the Weasley’s Shop!
-The unnoticed parallel between Snape and Tonks
-Hermione’s shows some distinct traits that define her as a Gryffindor
-Why Mauricio get frustrated with the Half-Blood Prince film!

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NEW! A blog series that let’s you eat your Harry Potter feelings

Friday, June 07th, 2013 | Author: Heather

Well Pensievers! The hiatus is over, I’m back on the hosting team full-time, and we are nearing The End. And as if all that weren’t enough, I bring you a new series of blog posts: Cooking with the Half-Blood Prince. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Chef. Hearty Pastries and the Helping of Brie? (Oh boy. Please feel free to suggest names!)

Anyway, what I’ll be doing is that for every podcast we publish, I’ll create a recipe or meal inspired by the chapters covered. This week, I drew on Madam Rosmerta’s finest oak-matured mead. The very kind that beat the Durselys around their heads and necks. For those of you who don’t know, mead is a drink made from fermenting honey. It’s alcoholic and I’m not 21 so I made my own drink inspired by it. So without further ado, Madam Rosmerta’s Drinkable Honey Sundae!

What you’ll need:

-A tall glass
-Cream soda or root beer or cola
-Vanilla ice cream
-Whipped cream

1.) Pour a glass about half full with the dark soda of your choice.

2.) Add one large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the soda so it sort of floats.

3.) Add whipped cream on top of ice cream. (I say the more whipped cream the better!)

4.) Drizzle honey over the top and enjoy!

This is a great treat for a summer day. It’s very sweet and super cool but makes you warm inside while still being a legal beverage for all. Tell me what you think of you try this and check back next week for a new recipe!


Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 | Author: Heather

Hello, Pensievers! Allow us here in Dubledore’s cabinet to apologize once again for the lack of episodes as of late. Wouldn’t you know that we have, like, responsibilities outside of the internet? Yeah, it’s true. To prove it, this post was actually originally hand-written in my notebook during a math lecture. Don’t worry! I’m doing pretty poorly in the class anyway.

What I wanted to talk with you about today is the Harry Potter Exhibition. Remember that display of movie props and costumes that was traversing the globe? Well I managed to go see it in New York City this weekend and It. Was. Incredible. I had arranged to meet up with a couple friends from the fandom and we had no plans for the day. As we wandered the streets of Lower Manhattan, we met a friendly Gryffindor who gave us coupons for $5 off the admissions fee and directions to the Exhibition in Discovery Times Square. As Harry Potter was what allowed the three of us to meet in the first place, we jumped at the opportunity to submerge ourselves in this universe for the afternoon.

Unfortunately there was no photography or video recording allowed inside the exhibition so you’ll just have to make do with my words.

The adventure began with a group picture, in which my friend Alex refused a scarf as they didn’t have her house, Hufflepuff. We were then ushered into a room with posters for the eight Harry Potter films on the wall. The lights dimmed and the posters proved to not be posters at all, but individual screens showing video and sound clips from the movies. Then they went blank again and we were left in the dark. My friends and I were just starting to wonder if that was the whole “Exhibition” when a wall lifted and we heard an awful, obviously fake English accent beckon us onward to the Sorting.

The terrible accent belonged to a young man holding one of those model Sorting Hats that shout out the name of a Hogwarts house when you press a button. After sorting a few of the younger kids, the hat got stuck and would only “sort” people into Gryffindor. The repeated shouts of “Better be… GRYFFINDOR!” and the obvious frustration of the young man followed us into the next room. Here is where the magic truly began.

We entered a huge gallery full of costumes, props, and informational plaques all about the filming of the movies and the Wizarding World. We could not see where the exhibit ended as there were so many rooms snaking around each other, deep into the building. We commented on how much taller Evanna Lynch seemed in real life than her costumes would have it appear, admired the texture of Neville’s Mimbulus Mimbletonia, and examined in detail the contents of Ron’s bedside table.

There was so much in the movies that we missed out on! For instance, did you know that the message board in Gryffindor common room is covered with flyers for the Hogwarts art club and warrants for people who hadn’t returned library books? It seems like there was a student named Winkey Crockett who didn’t return books, went on the Hogsmeade trips, joined all of the clubs, and would seemingly put his/her name on any list? I didn’t either. We even found the name on a plaque of Slytherin Quidditch players dated 1940. There seems to be some odd magic going on there….

One thing that I absolutely loved about this exhibition was how you could literally spend hours examining props that you thought you knew better than the back of your hand but would still find surprises. Some of them were hilarious like Harry’s book, “Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland” being called “Quidditch Teams of England and Ireland.” Or Minerva McGonagall’s apparent inability to spell “attached” and “Titillandus” correctly in school letters. Others were more subtle like the faint “Deathly Hallows” sign etched into the Horcrux ring or the photographs of Gilderoy Lockhart that got sillier and sillier as you continued to wander through the rooms. Lockhart on a broom, Lockhart in a billowing, black cape, Lockhart dressed in early aviation gear, a painting of Lockhart painting a painting of Lockhart.

I seriously enjoyed the classroom portion. It felt like I had left the noisy muggle world of the city above and was at Hogwarts with two of my close friends, rushing to make our classes on time. We could examine Professor Trelawney’s attic room and tea cups. Make fun of Professor Slughorn’s ridiculous mortarboard and exclaim over the creepy potions ingredients. Or even try to decipher the crazy hand-writing in Severus Snape’s old potions textbook. (I made out the word “alcohol” and a very large “NO!”) In fact, the girls I was with and I may have come across as so enthusiastic that we were seen as the obnoxious teenage hoodlums making fun of children’s stories but in fact it was the complete opposite. There was nothing ironic about our excitement. It was pure and fun and contagious. Workers there smiled slightly bemusedly at how much we knew and some other patrons would stop and listen to random facts we had to offer about the filming. Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe broke so many wands that they just started giving him rubber ones!?!?! Everything from the Yule Ball gallery to the creepy corridors full of Dementors, Death Eaters, and dark objects made us grin at the memories we had from growing up with this series.

I don’t think that I could recommend this experience enough. It’s almost a necessity for anyone who counts themselves as a Harry Potter fan. If you’re like me and get tired of museum exhibits quickly, I can assure you that this was not a problem. There are a few interactive things for visitors to do. You can sit in the chair in Hagrid’s hut. You’re encouraged to pull up a Mandrake and hear it scream. (If you’re like my friend Kara you can attempt to pull all of them up at the same time and make everyone in the vicinity flinch at the noise.) There’s even Quidditch! Not full on Quidditch but goal posts you can throw Quaffles into, almost like the sort of basketball game you would find at a fair or amusement park. And you get a satisfying “ding!” when the ball goes in. I’m going to take this opportunity now to brag to the world that I scored on every single shot I took, even when I went with a Quaffle in each hand. This exhibition offers something for everyone and each room will bring enjoyment. It’s cheap. It’s fun. And it’s nostalgic. I even found myself loving Umbridge’s office like never before despite Alex saying “For $20 they should be able to make the cat plates move.” If the Harry Potter Exhibition can make me feel sentimental about a character I have a personal literary vendetta against, imagine what surprises could be waiting for you?

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MTTSDH: How To Fight Post-Potter Depression

Thursday, July 19th, 2012 | Author: Heather

Hello, Pensievers and welcome to day three of my Deathly Hallows anniversary series. Today we’re going to tackle a topic that I’m sure you’re all familiar with: Post-Potter Depression. For those of you who don’t know, Post-Potter Depression is the feeling of loss and confusion that follows any prolonged interaction with Harry Potter, such as a conference, a movie premiere, or a book release. Traditionally, this term was applied to fans who, after reading the final book, became overwhelmed by the series ending and expressed symptoms similar to actual clinical depression such as loss of appetite, hypersomnia, and disinterest in previously enjoyed activities. Similarities were taken even further when someone was rumored to have started a hotline simply for those suffering from Post-Potter Depression.

Since Potter has been in its “Post” phase for nearly five years now, the term has involved to include all of the examples stated above and also applies to a situation wherein a fan is suddenly overcome with sadness at the prospect of never going to another midnight release or, in its loosest terms, whenever someone because emotionally swamped by anything relating to Potter. Based on that criteria, it’s clearly a pretty common occurrence. So I thought I would give you a list on the best ways to deal with Post-Potter Depression.

1.) Talk with someone. Like actual depression, talking with someone about your Post-Potter Depression can be a real help. Discuss theories and unanswered questions and strange facts about the wizarding world. It can help you sort out your thoughts, give you comfort, and assure you that other people are going through the same thing. (Are you noticing a theme this week?)

2.) Reread the books! It’s simple but it really works. Read the books one at a time and you can pretend that they’re completely new to you. This also works with the movies. And it’s basically what we’ve been doing with this podcast for two and a half years. So far we’re doing fine!

3.) Have a Harry Potter night! Gather some nerd friends and dedicate the night entirely to our favorite boy wizard. Make some Potter-themed food, have trivia and costume contests, and see if you can dig up some old HP boardgames. If you can’t find any, make your own! Rename all of the squares on Monopoly after places in the wizarding world. You can do the same with the countries in Risk. Or play Life and make it completely magical with wizarding jobs, broomsticks, Floo Network Insurance, etc. Be creative. And make sure to name any kids after Harry Potter characters. (More points for the more obscure they are.)  Parties like this give you the perfect opportunity to escape your world and live magically while bonding with old friends over something you love.

4.) Find a day where you don’t have any plans and just spend it geeking out. Listen to old podcasts, rewatch weird Harry Potter videos on youtube, have a Wizard Rock dance party, dress up, make your little sister duel with you. Take the chance to completely embrace your weirder side and just have fun. There’s no judgement in Harry Potter so now’s the time to let out any nerdiness you’ve been hiding. Just have fun and let your imagination run wild for a day. You’ll feel better and more equipped for the muggle world if you give your magical side a day to run free.

5.) Get creative! Find something that you like to do and channel your energy and love of Harry Potter into it. This could be anything from replicating the portrait of Sirius Black’s mum to writing fan-fiction to putting together a cute outfit that was inspired by your favorite character. Do anything to keep the magic alive. And if it’s not so much the actual canon that you miss as it is the environment and energy, then find something else that you can get involved in. Whatever your passion is, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm. Create or find something new that you love.

I hope that these suggestions helped. Just remember that it’s not over unless we let it be. So stay involved with what you love!

(P.S. If anyone actually DOES replicate the picture of Mrs. Black then we would SIRIUSLY love to see it. Like, really, really, really want to see it.)


The Potter Pensieve – PoA Movie Commentary!

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 | Author: Adam
It’s finally here! Sorry for the wait. Hope you all enjoy sitting down and watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with us!
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Year 2 In Review – Part 3!

Friday, December 30th, 2011 | Author: Adam

This post is the third and final of the Year In Review series. (Hint – watch for underlined phrases). Click here to read the FIRST POSTSECOND POST, and here to learn about how to enter the New Year’s Challenge! For those of you who wish to participate in the challenge, the deadline to submit your guess is January 7, 2012, at midnight Pacific Time! Good luck!

uly has passed, and Potter number 8 has hit the big screen. My personal opinion upon seeing this movie is that it was literally one of the most epic, visually-stunning and mind-blowing films I have ever seen. Maybe my Potter-geek plays a large part in this, but it was truly a fantastic motion picture, especially in 3D. The family and I went to see it first in 2D, and around a week later I made it to the cinema with a couple of friends to see the film in 3D. And boy, I am sure happy I did. What an experience! And as the faces of older Ron, Harry and Hermione smiled at me from the screen, Hedwig’s Theme blaring grandly as the movie faded to black before the credits, I can tell you that my wave of nostalgia was almost overwhelming. The ending of this movie, to me, signaled the end of my childhood and, after 2011, the beginning of adulthood. I vividly remembered standing in the long line-up with my mother, father and sister, waiting eagerly to watch Philosopher’s Stone for the first time. I’ve grown up with the series, and Harry Potter is a symbol of my childhood.

he Potter Pensieve DH2 Review Shows were the next on our list. There was no question whether or not to record them; it had to be done. Our discussion of the film was so incredibly long that it needed to be split into two parts. Hey, why not! It’s the final movie, we decided to go all out. And unsurprisingly, the Deathly Hallows review shows garnered some of the most downloads we’ve ever had in episodes. People really love movie talk…ready for DVD commentaries in the new year anyone?

nd in all the excitement of recording our review shows, we discussed our vacant podcast hosting position (now with Hollie in Hong Kong) and we decided to plan a recorded surprise for Sarah. We invited her to the show and gave her the news that we’d picked her to take Hollie’s spot on the podcast. Like I said previously, she worked extremely well with us, and I’m happy to say we have even more of a blast when she’s on! To download Part 1 and Part 2 of our Deathly Hallows review shows, click HERE and HERE! Remember to right-click and “save link as”!

hen I look back on September 2011 I will always remember how suddenly the whole atmosphere of the Potter-fandom seemed to change. The bustle of the summer seemed to decelerate rapidly. It was as if everyone had grown up, and not just myself. Come September, I left home (finally!) and settled into my small dorm at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. School-life was completely hectic for the first couple weeks. It seemed as if the reading would not end and therefore I lost touch with many of my fellow fandom-geeks and really the whole fandom in general. Of course, I made time to record the podcast and struggled to find time to edit, but it all worked out for me in the end. After a couple of episodes I found myself adjusting to the balancing act of school-work, social life, sleep, food, and podcast / website publishing. So, maybe I’m wrong by saying that the fandom came to halt come September. Maybe it kept going strong and I was the one to move out of touch with the Potter-happenings. But now, Christmas vacation has presented me with a quick but peaceful opportunity to “catch up”, and I’m noticing that things are really not what they were like before. Cherish those awesome times in your life, folks!

inally, as the last few months of 2011 whizzed by, we said hello to a couple new guest hosts! The first was Mauricio, an eager and engaged Potter-fan who had a great deal of excellent things to discuss. It was really great to podcast with Mauricio as he, being a listener of the show, jumped in with both feet and brought some more awesomeness to the recording. I should say now that we’re really hoping to hear more from Mauricio come 2012!

imberly Cooper, head editor of this website, graced us with her presence only a couple episodes ago! I, feeling incredibly guilty in not having her on sooner, promised Kim that we would find an episode to get her on before the year was out. I just wanted to apologize for cutting it so short Kim! Life is unpredictable. School and some spur-of-the-moment podcast episodes plagued us most of this year. But we managed to get her on and finally say a real “hello” and a “thank you” for everything she’s contributed.

am extraordinarily happy with the way this year turned out. It was predictable, yet excitingly unpredictable. Everything seemed to go according to plan; the puzzle pieces of this year seemed to fit perfectly together. We reached our goal of 20 episodes this year, with a fairly steady pace of about 2 episodes per month. We had some excellent guest hosts on the show. We were given public radio recognition, over 20,000 downloads, and just over $100 to the donation jar. This year has been a great success, and while the fandom is visibly slowing down, my hope is that the Potter Pensieve Podcast will stay speedy as ever!

hat will happen in 2012, you say? 2012 will hopefully be our biggest and most successful year yet,as we have some great things planned! As we advance through book 5 and into the beginning stages of “the end”, we expect that more people will become interested in this later discussion and will start downloading and listening to the podcast. Also, if this happens, we’re hoping our download numbers will top 20,000 by a substantial amount. 2012 will bring new Potter Pensieve T-shirts to the listeners, the blogger applications will be opened up once more, and DVD commentaries for all of the Potter films will be released as well! The new year will bring yet another set of interesting and engaging podcast episodes, and I have no doubt in my mind that we will face a number of new challenges and opportunities, of which I eagerly look forward to. PPP’s third year will go strong and will promise to give all you dedicated listeners your bi-monthly dose of extra Potter-fix! While the fandom slowly fades, I think it’s safe to say: We’re not going anywhere!

ere’s to a fantastic 2012! Thanks for listening and giving this podcast your dedicated support; it really means a lot to us!


3D Hogwarts pic!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Author: Thio

When it was my very last day visiting the Wizarding World I had my mind set on one thing: I have to take as many pictures as I can. I guess it was my own personal way of bringing the park and the experience back home with me.
While taking pictures an idea came to mind: “Why not take pictures in a way that I can make them 3D once I’m home?”. And so it was that by the end of that day alone I had no less than 700 pictures of the Wizarding World. If you guys like the idea, I’ll take the best, turn them into 3D and, of course, share them with you on this awesome community that is the fandom and Potter Pensieve.

There isn’t much Park spoilers in this one. Just a picture of Hogwarts that we’ve seen from promotional stuff, but this time in 3D.

You can see the pictures in two different ways: using one of those red and cyan glasses or using the crosseye method with the side by side picture. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to see 3D pictures using the latter.

Hogwarts in 3D

Hogwarts Stereogram

Click on the images to see a larger (therefore more AWESOME) version

I hope you guys enjoy. Let us know in the comments session bellow or on our Facebook group.


I Have to Wait to Watch Deathly Hallows, And It’s Killing Me!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011 | Author: Adam

I didn’t waste my time in making a creative, subtle title that will leave you readers wondering what this blog post is about. I just threw it all out there for ya! Bam! No puzzles here!

Because I live in a small town, with the nearest city being about 1.5 hours away, I have no way of making it to the theatre to watch Deathly Hallows Part 2 within the next couple days. Whenever a movie like this comes out, I always remind myself that I will have to wait, but I never pay any attention to this fact until the time comes. Now, I have to wait. And wait. Gee, can time go by any slower? Maybe I can just sleep for the next week, and make the days whiz by!

My summer days here are a mixture of work and podasting. There are other things of course, but because I work 10 hour days, from 9AM to 7PM, those other things are minute. I literally seem to be waking up, working, then coming back to watch some television before bed time. And as mom is working on my days off, (we want to watch this movie as a family event) we cannot drive to the city then. But don’t get me wrong! I love my job and I need the money! But what an inconvenient time! I would have been much better off if the final film had been released in November of 2011, so I could catch it for the midnight release then.

And so, I have been listening to others rant and rave about the film, each burst of excitement as a stab of pain on my insides. I have listening to insane stories of how people were sobbing as if they’re parents were dying right in from of them, of how everyone clapped, how everyone screamed, and “ooooed” and “ahhhd”. How everyone felt a sense of loss, but finality and closure as they lights went up again at the end of the film. Everything that I wish I could have experienced having lived in a bigger city. And now that the final film is out, and literally everyone has seen it, I feel that I have completely missed my chance. In fact, when I think about it, I have lost every chance I’ve had in life to watch these films on their release day!

And so now, all I can do is wait. I am literally helpless. This is complete insanity. I still can’t possibly imagine what I will experience watching this movie, and yet everyone else has. And I must, I MUST resist the urge to ask everyone all about it, every single minute detail of the film. It’s the last one, therefore it must remain a surprise for the most part!

Heh..funny thing…if you search in the right places there are pathetic camera versions of the films leaking online everywhere! I think about these at least 3 times everyday. And how, if I just typed in a few words, clicked a couple times, and said a prayer, I would be able to watch the whole movie right in front of me, right in my own home, just like that. No money. No hassle! It would be a terribly watered-down version of the film. But it would still be the film!..Who am I kidding? I can’t do this!

In the words of dear Lily Potter from the trailer (of which part you have now all seen in context with the film), “be strong”. Rediculous? Cheesy? I think not! I have made myself a plan! I will avoid certain parts of the internet for the next few days or so until I finally view this film. I will refrain from asking all of those burning questions. I will block all of those naughty illegal websites which host movies such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Wish me luck! And to all you who missed the midnight release, had to see the film the next day, and complained about it: HAH! You think you have it bad. ;) Cheers!


The REAL Magic!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 | Author: Kim

With the opening of the final chapter of the Harry Potter movie saga this weekend, there really is no way to escape Potter fever.  Everyone has jumped on board.  Those most loyal, of course, have been awaiting this moment for years.  We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats, going crazy with anticipation.  We’ve debated, analyzed, done everything we could to soak in every moment leading up to the final moments.

With this being the end of the incredible saga, lists are sprouting up everywhere. From the greatest moments in Potter to the best one-liners to your favorite magical creatures. Time Magazine recently released their list of the Top 10 magic spells in the series.  I must say, I don’t agree with most of the list.

Of course, in terms of magical spells, Expecto Patronum has played the most important part.  It has been the most powerful spell for the viewer.  The second Harry utters those words, chills run through our spines and the tiny hairs on the back of our necks prick up.  Those two small words hold so much power and so much meaning.  They’ve saved Harry and his crew more times than we can count.  And so I completely agree that this would be the top of the top in terms of magical spells.

Coming in scond on Time’s list is a flyig charm. Here, I disagree.  Yes, a flying charm is amazing.  And has played an important role in the series.  We all remember Ron and Harry hijacking a Ford Anglia in their second year.  And Hagrid’s flying motorcycle has an important place that goes under the radar in the series. But to say that it is one of the best spells? I disagree.

Have we forgotten the second year, when Ron was jinxed to barf slugs?  Anyone that has played the Lego Harry Potter game can attest to that spell being quite useful as well as humorous.  And what about the ever important Expelliarmus? Has one spell ever really helped Harry more? Personally, I am a fan of Petrificus Totalus. It has proved useful in so many ways, to both good and evil forces.

Never seen in the films themselves, I find that Muffliato would be incredibly useful and cool.  I’ve been a student, I’ve wanted to have secret conversations with friends.  Nothing would be more useful than a spell to muffle someone’s hearing.

What do you think? If you had to pick a favorite spell, what would yours be?

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