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The Potter Pensieve – DH Part 2 Film Commentary!

Saturday, January 25th, 2014 | Author: Lord Voldemort

Thio, Sarah, Heather and Adam come together to bring you and unforgettable fan commentary on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! They conclude the film series with insight and humour. Come watch the film with us from beginning to end. Listen to us discuss it as you play the film in real-time! All you need is the movie (2 hours, 10 mins), popcorn, and a nice couch!

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The Potter Pensieve – OotP Film Commentary!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013 | Author: Adam

Thio, Adam and Sarah bring you yet another interactive film commentary. This week we watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to nicely rap up our focus on the book. Enjoy our insights and humour!



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Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 | Author: Heather

Hello, Pensievers! Allow us here in Dubledore’s cabinet to apologize once again for the lack of episodes as of late. Wouldn’t you know that we have, like, responsibilities outside of the internet? Yeah, it’s true. To prove it, this post was actually originally hand-written in my notebook during a math lecture. Don’t worry! I’m doing pretty poorly in the class anyway.

What I wanted to talk with you about today is the Harry Potter Exhibition. Remember that display of movie props and costumes that was traversing the globe? Well I managed to go see it in New York City this weekend and It. Was. Incredible. I had arranged to meet up with a couple friends from the fandom and we had no plans for the day. As we wandered the streets of Lower Manhattan, we met a friendly Gryffindor who gave us coupons for $5 off the admissions fee and directions to the Exhibition in Discovery Times Square. As Harry Potter was what allowed the three of us to meet in the first place, we jumped at the opportunity to submerge ourselves in this universe for the afternoon.

Unfortunately there was no photography or video recording allowed inside the exhibition so you’ll just have to make do with my words.

The adventure began with a group picture, in which my friend Alex refused a scarf as they didn’t have her house, Hufflepuff. We were then ushered into a room with posters for the eight Harry Potter films on the wall. The lights dimmed and the posters proved to not be posters at all, but individual screens showing video and sound clips from the movies. Then they went blank again and we were left in the dark. My friends and I were just starting to wonder if that was the whole “Exhibition” when a wall lifted and we heard an awful, obviously fake English accent beckon us onward to the Sorting.

The terrible accent belonged to a young man holding one of those model Sorting Hats that shout out the name of a Hogwarts house when you press a button. After sorting a few of the younger kids, the hat got stuck and would only “sort” people into Gryffindor. The repeated shouts of “Better be… GRYFFINDOR!” and the obvious frustration of the young man followed us into the next room. Here is where the magic truly began.

We entered a huge gallery full of costumes, props, and informational plaques all about the filming of the movies and the Wizarding World. We could not see where the exhibit ended as there were so many rooms snaking around each other, deep into the building. We commented on how much taller Evanna Lynch seemed in real life than her costumes would have it appear, admired the texture of Neville’s Mimbulus Mimbletonia, and examined in detail the contents of Ron’s bedside table.

There was so much in the movies that we missed out on! For instance, did you know that the message board in Gryffindor common room is covered with flyers for the Hogwarts art club and warrants for people who hadn’t returned library books? It seems like there was a student named Winkey Crockett who didn’t return books, went on the Hogsmeade trips, joined all of the clubs, and would seemingly put his/her name on any list? I didn’t either. We even found the name on a plaque of Slytherin Quidditch players dated 1940. There seems to be some odd magic going on there….

One thing that I absolutely loved about this exhibition was how you could literally spend hours examining props that you thought you knew better than the back of your hand but would still find surprises. Some of them were hilarious like Harry’s book, “Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland” being called “Quidditch Teams of England and Ireland.” Or Minerva McGonagall’s apparent inability to spell “attached” and “Titillandus” correctly in school letters. Others were more subtle like the faint “Deathly Hallows” sign etched into the Horcrux ring or the photographs of Gilderoy Lockhart that got sillier and sillier as you continued to wander through the rooms. Lockhart on a broom, Lockhart in a billowing, black cape, Lockhart dressed in early aviation gear, a painting of Lockhart painting a painting of Lockhart.

I seriously enjoyed the classroom portion. It felt like I had left the noisy muggle world of the city above and was at Hogwarts with two of my close friends, rushing to make our classes on time. We could examine Professor Trelawney’s attic room and tea cups. Make fun of Professor Slughorn’s ridiculous mortarboard and exclaim over the creepy potions ingredients. Or even try to decipher the crazy hand-writing in Severus Snape’s old potions textbook. (I made out the word “alcohol” and a very large “NO!”) In fact, the girls I was with and I may have come across as so enthusiastic that we were seen as the obnoxious teenage hoodlums making fun of children’s stories but in fact it was the complete opposite. There was nothing ironic about our excitement. It was pure and fun and contagious. Workers there smiled slightly bemusedly at how much we knew and some other patrons would stop and listen to random facts we had to offer about the filming. Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe broke so many wands that they just started giving him rubber ones!?!?! Everything from the Yule Ball gallery to the creepy corridors full of Dementors, Death Eaters, and dark objects made us grin at the memories we had from growing up with this series.

I don’t think that I could recommend this experience enough. It’s almost a necessity for anyone who counts themselves as a Harry Potter fan. If you’re like me and get tired of museum exhibits quickly, I can assure you that this was not a problem. There are a few interactive things for visitors to do. You can sit in the chair in Hagrid’s hut. You’re encouraged to pull up a Mandrake and hear it scream. (If you’re like my friend Kara you can attempt to pull all of them up at the same time and make everyone in the vicinity flinch at the noise.) There’s even Quidditch! Not full on Quidditch but goal posts you can throw Quaffles into, almost like the sort of basketball game you would find at a fair or amusement park. And you get a satisfying “ding!” when the ball goes in. I’m going to take this opportunity now to brag to the world that I scored on every single shot I took, even when I went with a Quaffle in each hand. This exhibition offers something for everyone and each room will bring enjoyment. It’s cheap. It’s fun. And it’s nostalgic. I even found myself loving Umbridge’s office like never before despite Alex saying “For $20 they should be able to make the cat plates move.” If the Harry Potter Exhibition can make me feel sentimental about a character I have a personal literary vendetta against, imagine what surprises could be waiting for you?

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The Potter Pensieve – PoA Movie Commentary!

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 | Author: Adam
It’s finally here! Sorry for the wait. Hope you all enjoy sitting down and watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with us!
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The Potter Pensieve – CoS Movie Commentary!

Monday, March 26th, 2012 | Author: Adam

The gang is back with yet another awesome HP movie commentary. Listen to us as we analyze Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets from beginning to end, as the film plays in real time! All you need is the film, a couch, television, popcorn and snacks, and 2 hours and 40 minutes of free time! Enjoy!

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As Promised…

Friday, October 21st, 2011 | Author: Sarah

Hey guys! Two episodes ago I said I would post some progressive pictures of my adventure riding the Forbidden Journey at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I am finally doing it! I can so relate to Harry’s procrastination. I think it gives the world’s future hero’s a little bit of hope!

The picture below is my first official picture taken on the ride on June 28, 2010. I think you can tell by my chin(s)!

First Picture on the Forbidden Journey

This next one is my first time with my Niece’s…. *Evil Aunt Sarah* It was taken on my birthday, November 19, 2010. (Such a great birthday gift!)

Finally we have the most recent picture with some friends and it was their first time at the park as well. Can you tell that I have learned where the camera’s are and when to smile?!

This last picture is of the commemorative tickets that we were gifted as some of the parks first visitors. I am so incredibly proud to have these! I know it sounds a bit “dorky” since they are just tickets but that’s okay. I am a proud Harry Potter fan!


Scrumptious Snippets!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 | Author: Hollie

After viewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One at least seven times (I don’t lie), I’ve decided to give a textual play-by-play of my thoughts on poignant snippets and scenes in the film. Perhaps another blogger can continue on where I’ve left off, and we’ll have some fun with it!

Here goes (linear fashion):

Rufus in da house - Love the close-up. It says “We’re sweating it out here.” All business, he is. However shaken, he continues to push forward admirably. I don’t like the way he says “strong” – too much for my brain, but I enjoy his enunciation, especially when he comes to read Dumbledore’s will. Yeah?

Hermoine, when she says “Coming, Mo-om” - It clearly conveys the sadness and finality of what she is about to do.

Snape, workin’ it - The strut! He’s just so fabulous in his billowing cloak, isn’t he? I want to be a screaming fan on the sidelines of the Malfoy’s garden. Picture me: “I love you! You are my world!” Okay, not really, but he gives me goose-bumps, and as a 28-year-old, I would seriously contemplate a bedroom poster if my husband would allow it. Since we are supposed to be grown-ups, only real photos or works of art allowed. But what about his sports memorabilia? He wants a “man cave” when we finally buy. Does that mean I can have a “Potter pen”? That sounds icky. Am I off topic?

Lucius, in his desperate state of affairs - The choked, muted speech; the wincing, the disheveled locks – the curling of the finger at Voldemort’s touch! I can barely watch it. Even after knowing exactly how this scene plays out, I still turtle with irrational fear. I’m terrified that Voldy is going to reach out and bite him. CHOMP! You feel for Lucius here, but all sympathy dissipates after he encourages Draco to reveal Harry’s identity. Twit!

Harry, saying goodbye to his his cupboard under the stairs- Oh, Harry. Look how far you’ve come. For me, the dusty old toy symbolizes a fading memory of “Just Harry”, which holds such meaning for him, yet contrasts wonderfully against “The Chosen One”. Classic.

“Haven’t done that before, have we?” – Ron. The fact that my husband, who is not an avid Potter fan, yet watches the movies with me (incessantly, and without complaint) – laughed out loud at this made me love Ron all the more! Ron’s character is portrayed so charmingly by Rupert, and this line is the beginning of a stand-up performance.

“Just trying to ease the tens-ION!” – Fred. Or George. Whoever you are, you’re ballsy-funny.

Mad-Eye, on his broom-cart apparatus, flying past Harry and Hagrid – Bad-ass! Mad-Eye’s last hurrah makes me want to hop on my four-wheeler and rip down the road, dead serious expression in tact. Rest in Peace, you cantankerous old warrior.

Hagrid’s “look” – After he and Harry land in The Burrow’s swamp, he side-glances Harry with a soft, almost parental expression that only he and Harry would be able to understand. It’s like he’s saying, “Here we are, fighting the old battle.”

Fred and George’s ‘holey humour’ - The twins are endearing here, especially when Fred says “Pathet-ic”, in a wondrously British accent. Without much said, the bond between brothers is sweetly conveyed. If it weren’t for Fred and George, the grimness of defeating Voldy would be unbearably grimmer.

I’ll stop here for now, but if you’ve got any favourite snippets and scenes, post them below!


The Additional Scenes of Deathly Hallows Part 1-How Would They Have Looked in the Film?

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 | Author: Rhea

After months of waiting, I have finally got the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD! I’m really excited. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the special features for a very long time, especially the additional scenes. It has been interesting to watch those scenes and think about how they would fit into the movie.

The Burrow Shed- When I first heard of this scene I thought it would show a little emotional moment between Ron and Arthur. I was let down because I wanted to see a family moment, since such moments are not found very often in the movies. The scene was a nice way to show Mr. Weasley’s fondness for Muggles and Muggle machinery put to use. It also shows us where Ron got the idea of carrying the radio with him. It is a little strange, however, to show Mr. Weasley repairing a radio with a screwdriver since wizards have their own wireless which I’m sure can be repaired by magic. I loved the set, though. It’s the perfect shed at the Burrow- dirty, cluttered and full of Muggle articles that I can picture Arthur taking apart, along with rickety chairs and old cupboards.

The Dursley House (Harry and Aunt Petunia)- I’m not sure whether this should have been in the film or not. When I first saw this scene, I was disappointed that it wasn’t there but the more I thought about Petunia, the more I felt it was slightly out of character for her to say what she did. In the book, Petunia wasn’t able to overcome the awkwardness and muster the courage to admit that she did love Lily once upon a time, so leaving this scene out is justified. This was a spectacular bit of acting, though. Fiona Shaw is amazing, she conveys so much just with her eyes.

Dudley and Harry- Somehow, this didn’t play out as I had imagined it. The ‘waste of space’ line wasn’t as effective as it was in the book. It would have been nice in the film anyway so that the filmgoers would have known that Dudley was decent to Harry in the end, but it wasn’t necessary. Harry Melling’s acting was spot on. He looks completely gormless and awkward- the perfect Dudley.

The Granger House-I actually had expected a few more Death Eaters to be in this scene. After thinking about it I realized that sending only one Death Eater showcases the typical arrogance of Voldemort, who believes that Muggles are powerless against him. All I can say is, Yaxley was lucky that there wasn’t someone with a gun behind one of the doors!

Ministry of Magic Lifts- I don’t mind that this scene wasn’t in the film since I find it a little strange that Arthur told Reg Cattermole that he would help him, in front of Runcorn. Of course, I have got no doubts that the Weasleys would have fully supported the Cattermoles but I don’t think Arthur would have risked his job by asserting this in front of a supporter of the Ministry. He needed his job for the sake of the Order, if for nothing else. Also, Harry warning Arthur that he is being tracked doesn’t fit as well into the movie as it does into the book. What I actually craved was some proper interaction between Ron and Arthur like we got in the book.

Harry, Ron and Hermione Discuss Horcruxes in the Tent- This scene was pretty unnecessary, especially for book fans, since we already know everything Harry says about the Horcruxes. That little detail should actually have been included in the Half Blood Prince. The rest of the scene wasn’t needed in the film as well but I do think that this scene, among many others, is proof that Steve Kloves (who has been railed against by a number of book fans) has tried to stay as close to the book as possible for this film, hence the ‘beating heart’ dialogue.

Rabbit Chase in the Forest- This is the only scene about which I can say with complete certainty that I am very, very happy that it was not in the film. First, I wondered why Harry and Ron would be picking on a defenseless rabbit even if it is only to vent their frustration. I’m sure Hermione wouldn’t be at all pleased. Second, I have no idea why they started firing spells at each other. I don’t think it’s something that they would do. I don’t think it builds up to the fight between Harry and Ron either. There is a lot of build-up to that moment in the film which I feel is sufficient.

Montage:Ron and Hermione Skimming Stones- Please, please, please don’t get me wrong. I love Ron and Hermione and I’m completely in favour of their relationship, but I’m actually quite glad that this wasn’t in the movie. I think both Hermione and Ron were out of character in this scene. The whole Trio is supposed to be pretty distressed at this point. It would have probably distracted the watchers from the tension that is supposed to be building at this time. I would have loved a scene with just Ron and Hermione in it, though.

At the end of this scene, I saw something that infuriated me. When Harry, who is sitting at a distance, looks into the mirror the eye that he sees (Aberforth Dumbledore’s eye) is green! I have no idea why they did that! I’ve checked the movie and it is there too.

There is more on the special features disc as well. There is some insight into some of the special effects scenes as well as the friendships between the actors and the creation of the soundtrack. All this, especially the part about the soundtrack, is not like anything that we have seen on a Harry Potter DVD before and is all the more enjoyable because of that.

Happy watching!

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Is It Really The End?

Monday, March 28th, 2011 | Author: Rhea

Hi! I’m Rhea, one of the new Potter Pensieve bloggers!

About two weeks ago, the long awaited publicity for Deathly Hallows Part 2 started. New images and sneak peeks have been cropping up online (all of which I have avoided watching with surprising ease).

Every Harry Potter fan is waiting desperately for 15th July and dreading it at the same time. The words ‘the end’ are used most often to describe this day. A few months after the last movie comes out, the Harry Potter news will begin to lessen. The time that is passing so quickly now is the last time there will ever be new images and new clips to watch. This is the last wait. After this, everything that we have looked forward to knowing will be known to us. This is the last time we can speculate. I keep thinking to myself- is this really possible? Is it really getting over? It feels like my childhood is drawing to a close. I know that sounds overdramatic, but that is actually the way I’ve been feeling.

After indulging in these dismal thoughts for a while, I pause and try to make myself feel more optimistic. We are all fans of this amazing series because it has captivated us and helped us grow as people. The Harry Potter series has found a way into our hearts and even our souls. When we look back at these days, the series and everything that it has taught us will be a mingled in our memories. The series will always mean a lot to us because we have all gone through a significant time in our lives with it. Every time I tell myself this, I realize, all over again, that Harry Potter will never truly end.

I’ve also realized that Harry won’t just be part of my memories. I’ve started rereading, not only the later books, as I usually tend to do, but the earlier books as well. With every reread, I find a new thought, a new layer, something else for me to think about. Going back to the beginning has reminded me that the words ‘Harry Potter’ do not merely spell memories for me. I have the good fortune of loving a story that has a new meaning, even in the context of my life, every time I read it.

So, even as I bid goodbye to anticipation, I know that the books that have helped me grow into the sixteen year old that I am, will help me grow further. This fills me with a huge amount of happiness. After all, if the series that we have grown to love and that has helped us grow as people can help us evolve further, the decline of a phenomenon looks pretty pale in comparison, doesn’t it?



Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 | Author: Emily


I was listening back to Episode #15, and I realised that I promised to put up the picture of Ron and Pig… so… enjoy!

I love that even though he wasn’t in the movie that they shot this anyway!

Talk soon,


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