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As Promised…

Friday, October 21st, 2011 | Author: Sarah

Hey guys! Two episodes ago I said I would post some progressive pictures of my adventure riding the Forbidden Journey at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I am finally doing it! I can so relate to Harry’s procrastination. I think it gives the world’s future hero’s a little bit of hope!

The picture below is my first official picture taken on the ride on June 28, 2010. I think you can tell by my chin(s)!

First Picture on the Forbidden Journey

This next one is my first time with my Niece’s…. *Evil Aunt Sarah* It was taken on my birthday, November 19, 2010. (Such a great birthday gift!)

Finally we have the most recent picture with some friends and it was their first time at the park as well. Can you tell that I have learned where the camera’s are and when to smile?!

This last picture is of the commemorative tickets that we were gifted as some of the parks first visitors. I am so incredibly proud to have these! I know it sounds a bit “dorky” since they are just tickets but that’s okay. I am a proud Harry Potter fan!


3D Hogwarts pic!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Author: Thio

When it was my very last day visiting the Wizarding World I had my mind set on one thing: I have to take as many pictures as I can. I guess it was my own personal way of bringing the park and the experience back home with me.
While taking pictures an idea came to mind: “Why not take pictures in a way that I can make them 3D once I’m home?”. And so it was that by the end of that day alone I had no less than 700 pictures of the Wizarding World. If you guys like the idea, I’ll take the best, turn them into 3D and, of course, share them with you on this awesome community that is the fandom and Potter Pensieve.

There isn’t much Park spoilers in this one. Just a picture of Hogwarts that we’ve seen from promotional stuff, but this time in 3D.

You can see the pictures in two different ways: using one of those red and cyan glasses or using the crosseye method with the side by side picture. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to see 3D pictures using the latter.

Hogwarts in 3D

Hogwarts Stereogram

Click on the images to see a larger (therefore more AWESOME) version

I hope you guys enjoy. Let us know in the comments session bellow or on our Facebook group.


Ginevra: The Betrothed

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 | Author: Hollie

Ginevra Molly Weasley was born in the dog days of summer under the sign of the Lion. A true Gryffindor, there is no doubt. On this day, the Weasley family was blessed with a baby girl; the first to be added to their family tree in a wizard’s age. Our Harry Potter canonry insists this is evidence that Ginny was destined to become a gifted witch. If her Aunt Muriel predicted such a thing, we know she would have been right. So why are we often “meh” about Ginny Weasley? I will attempt to answer that, perhaps uncovering the jewels of her true being, something I think we should all take the time to discover. Ginny may not be my absolute favourite character, although I do have a great amount of respect and admiration for her. If we just knew her a little better, I think we’d love her like the daughter, sister, friend and lover she has become right before our eyes.

Ginny’s antique name could be of great significance, and I don’t mean the curious kind; Ginevra is a Welsh (or Italian) derivative of Guinevere, and we all know who that is, don’t we? Queen Guinevere, the fair and noble wife of King Arthur, the true and fierce lover of Sir Lancelot – the exceptional lady who brought the Round Table and one-hundred knights as her dowry. Although not altogether wholesome, Guinevere is of noble character, withstanding the challenges faced by a Queen ruling in a rugged (not to mention bloody) era of Britian’s history. if decidedly mythical, she was a ‘real woman’, one that we can cast a contemporary light on: she did not lead a virtuous existence, but she certainly stayed true to her heart and her beliefs. Like Ginny, Queen Guinevere was destined to lead an exceptional life. It seems trivial, but Ginny’s father’s name is Arthur. It is worth mentioning!

Is our Ginny a Guinevere? Not precisely, no, but we can draw similarities, as I’m sure Jo has. For one, Ginny Weasley comes from a noble, pure-blood wizarding family. Despite their lack of wealth and social status, the Weasleys are courageous, kind, and of the highest moral standards. They would serve any kingdom admirably. To add, they descend from a line of brave magical talent, so it seems, and have proven themselves to be amongst the most unyielding of Voldemort’s opposition. As members of The Order, they are like knights – they fight to save their ‘world’, and while doing so, sacrifice the comfort and joy of their home, their namesake, and their lives. As wise and selfless people, they seek no alternative, pressing on through the years of the Dark Lord’s reign.

Ginny may be the precious family jewel, and like any stone, she is lovely, but has an amazingly tough exterior. And like a precious gem, she is formed from the elements of nature, having purpose and strength that the ordinary eye fails to see. Jo once told us that Ginny is “…a fairly forceful person (and always has been…)”. We know we are not dealing with a mousy little sister who tags along with her brothers. In fact, she has learned much from them: “The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” (OP29) In turn, Fred and George come to realize the awesomeness of their youngest sibling:

“Yeah, size is no guarantee of power,” said George. “Look at Ginny.”

“What d’ you mean?” said Harry.

“You’ve never been on the receiving end of one of her Bat-Bogey Hexes, have you?” (OP6)

She’s rare – the youngest and only girl, often in the protection of her parents, brothers, or Harry himself, but perpetually proving her own power as a witch and cleverness as a young woman: “I’m three years older than you were when you fought You-Know-Who over the Philosopher’s Stone, and it’s because of me Malfoy’s stuck back in Umbridge’s office with giant flying bogeys attacking him – ” (OP33) Throughout the series, we come to know and respect Ginny Weasley for her wit, moral character, talents and strength. However, I’ve noticed a lot of us have a hard time uncovering a whole image of her; she is always in the picture, but never at the centre of it. I have an inkling that this is the cause of fans’ difficulty accepting her as Harry’s betrothed. I use the arguably outdated term because I find its concept is entangled in the tale. A prominent hint is the resemblance of Lily and Ginny in appearance, attitude and reputation. Jo comments on Lily’s school days, saying, “Like Ginny, she was a popular girl.” And like Ginny, Lily had no problem working for the underdog, voicing her opinion, and maintaining independence. Both women possessed natural magical talent, and both were brave and strong in fighting evil with love. Like Slughorn says, they are equally “lovely…”.

Aside from Hagrid, Ginny and her family were the very first to befriend Harry in the wizarding world. He quickly becomes an honourary member of the Weasley clan, connecting him to Ginny at a tender age. There is something quite sacred about this, and it is impossible to ignore the circumstances that solidify their relationship. The shared adventure and family gatherings, as well as the sharing of burdens, milestones, successes and failures naturally weave their lives together. To Molly and Arthur, Harry is “…as good as” a son to them. In my point of view, nature has betrothed the pair, and in the end, they find each other independently, and by choice.

Getting a bit tired of fairy tales? Let us look at a modern point of view: Ginny is an exceptional witch, quite worthy of both our and Harry’s adoration. She is an incredible role model to readers, and here’s why: from a young age, she has been able to keep up with her brothers – not because they are boys, but because they are basically insane. She laughs with them on many occasions, not garnering the attitude of her mother (who thoroughly disapproves of their antics). Her own sense of humour is unrivaled, even upping the ante for Fred and George – she is so clever and dry, it would probably be difficult to discern her jokes from mere commentary at times. Ginny’s humour contains the same wryness as Harry’s, making for a smart pair. We really can’t forget her unforgiving mockery of Fleur. I think it would be difficult to gain Ginny’s respect as a future sister-in-law, unless you were rugged, great at Quidditch, unnervingly brave, and downright sarcastic. Not too much to ask, right? Looking past the epilogue, it’s easy to see that Ginny puts her intelligence to much further use, becoming a sports journalist. In a rather male-dominated industry, I’m sure it would have been refreshing to see her bright face and fresh perspective dawning the pages of the Daily Prophet. Besides, she does have her credentials in check: a former member of the Holyhead Harpies. Imagine having their poster on your bedroom wall, then having the gumption and skill to become one of them. A dream come true for a young woman, indeed. In all of this, she is lucky to share her life with someone who is equally as passionate about her. Remember the unnamed beast summoned inside of Harry? Only Ginny could conjure such a thing!

My favourite thing about Ginny Weasley is, in the end, her compassionate soul. She seems to understand Harry, Luna, Hermione, Neville, and many other characters in their time of need. She does not dote on her popularity, and seems quite unabashed by it. It is quite clear that her friends are her true friends, no matter their status. She takes Neville to the Yule Ball when I’m sure she could have had her handpick of dates. She befriends Luna despite her oddities and social awkwardness. She loves Hermione as a sister, making her part of the Weasley family as much as Harry is. It is easy to picture Ginny as a wonderful mother and wife someday: creating a sanctuary with Harry, enjoying a career as a writer and role model, and continuing to ward off evil with her good spirit.


Wizarding World

Wednesday, July 06th, 2011 | Author: Thio

Hey guys!! July has finally come and I was finally able to go to Orlando for a nice long vacation. Although I won’t be joining the fandom for LeakyCon, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located in the Universal Islands of Adventure parks.

The park really is amazing and the sensation of walking down Hogsmeade for the very first time is wonderfully weird. Here are some pictures I took today and that I wanted to share with all potterpensieve staff and listeners. Hope you enjoy!

WARNING: The following pictures might be considered spoilers by those who want to experience the park only and entirely by themselves. I tried to select pictures that show some cool stuff while not revealing too much. There are no pictures of any rides…


Spoilers from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Saturday, April 09th, 2011 | Author: Sarah

Wow! It has been entirely too long since my last post but I feel the need to assure you that I have been actively gathering as much information as possible in regards to the changes that may be coming to the WWoHP. I use the term “changes” lightly as it may not be the most accurate term but it is the best to describe our current situation. I am sure many of you have heard the rumors surrounding the possible expansion of the Harry Potter portion of the park.

I am the type of person that loves to hear the gossip and rumors and then follow through to see how much of this information is true. While I can’t say 100% that an expansion is happening, I can confirm that there will be changes in the future that will directly effect the Wizarding World. According to a Universal Studios of Orlando engineer that wishes to remain anonymous, Universal is currently working on blueprints for the mandatory “update” that is required by Universal Studios. The source did confirm that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will definitely be getting some of the upgrades.  At this point the engineer cannot confirm nor deny the rumors of the expansion and whether it will take over the Lost Continent portion of the park.

I will be visiting the park again tomorrow and will hopefully harass enough employees to get some concrete evidence but until then I messily threw together some of the original pictures of the park with some added narration.

I truly hope this satisfies your hunger…. At least until I can get some serious facts together!!!


Thursday, March 17th, 2011 | Author: Josh

The Wizengamot Court of the Overlooked:

Where you decide the verdict of the overlooked characters places and things in the wizarding world.


This time we take a look at……

Argus Filch!

Malicious or misunderstood?


Case Facts:

                As the caretaker of Hogwarts, Argus Filch (A.K.A. Filch) has to keep a firm grip on security, rule-breaking, and assigning and recording punishments. However, because of his “disability”, he has to be rather unpleasant to the students or they will ignore him.  He loves his job, he hates kids, and his only friend is his sidekick, Mrs. Norris, a shabby, dust colored cat.

It’s time to decide!

 Malicious or Misunderstood?


Chief Warlock:  Malicious, you’re closing arguments!

Malicious: Filch is a very hostile man. Even Hagrid calls him an “old git.” Now why would a man that is so happy and kind, such as Hagrid, hate another man? I’ll tell you why. Because he has been treated badly. Treated badly by that man right there .   

                Although he tries to keep the peace of Hogwarts, the teachers are sometimes annoyed with him. The only teacher that wasn’t exasperated by his presence was the infamous High Inquisitor, Dolores Umbridge. Umbridge, who is currently in Azkaban for crimes against Muggle-borns, was a strict believer in severe punishment. She often took extremes in punishments. It has been rumored that she use veritaserum on a minor, and that she attempted a Crusiatus curse on a minor in attempts to extract information from students.

                No wonder Filch liked her. He had been on a leash of restriction for too long. He was given permission to whip misbehaving students. A whip, ladies and gentlemen! He had always wanted to have permission to whip. He is a lover of punishment. He was rumored to have almost given a punishment to a student for tracking mud into the castle.

                Now you are wondering why a man would behave in such a way. I will tell you why! He was a Squib! Exhibit A! A Kwikspell course assessment with the grade “T. “  

You wonder why that would make a difference? It is very simple. I propose to the court, that he felt inferior to the students. All of them being to use magic, he had to have felt resentment towards them, and the only way he could inflict feelings of jealousy was to cause students turmoil.

Now, most of the staff at Hogwarts that give out punishments are rather reasonable. All except Filch. It has been speculated that Filch has an uncanny speed of getting to places in Hogwarts. Exhibit B! A strange map entitled “The Marauders Map.” This map shows where everyone in Hogwarts is at, and where every single secret entrance way is. It has been revealed by Mr. George Weasly’s testimony that his brother and himself stole it from Filch in their first year (1989). The date that this map was made is unknown (sometime between 1971 and 1977), but it was reported confiscated by Filch himself somewhere in that period. This means it could have been used by Filch himself to purposely track students down.

And speaking of tracking, he had a hunting partner. Mrs. Norris. That ugly thing he calls a cat is a rotten tattletale.

                In conclusion, Filch and his ugly cat both should be charged with being willfully Malicious.

Chief Warlock: Misunderstood, your closing remarks please!

Misunderstood: Thank you, your honor.

Ladies and gentlemen of the court, I would like to sort out some misconceptions that you might have. First, The Marauders Map requires magic, and as you were so kind to point out, Filch is a squib. How could Filch use the map without magic? Unless you have some other crazy theory to this up, Filch had to have found the secret passageways himself.

Second, his “hunting partner” is just a cat. But, not just any cat. If you look up Kneazle in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” it says that a Kneazle is a cat like creature that can interbreed with cats to produce a mixed breed. They can detect unsavory or suspicious persons and react badly to them, and when it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. I suspect that Mrs. Norris is part Kneazle and Filch uses her gifts to aid him in his work. 

                 Third, Filch has been given nothing but trouble from students since his employment. Since he is limited by his “disability”, he has had to keep a firm hand on the students.  This sometimes calls for a little more push than usual. 

Fourth, our world of magic requires, well…magic. Of course, Filch has no magic. He was very lucky that Dumbledore was able to get a job, or else he would be working in the muggle world, as most jobs in the wizarding world require magic.

                There is no proof that Argus had a relationship with Delores. But it seems that he did try to find a little more than friendship in Madam Pince, the librarian at Hogwarts.

                Filch is a very misunderstood old man. His only friend is a cat-Kneazle mix. He has been shown no love and is given no respect. He has had to use desperate measures to keep the peace, but that doesn’t mean he is malicious.  Thank you.

Chief Warlock: Any redirect?

Misunderstood:  Just one thing. He didn’t have to be mean. And about Filch having a relationship with Madam Pince. That is pure speculation. 

Chief Warlock: Thank you. The Wizigamot will now make their decision.



Please comment. I will count the first twenty comments as votes and include one myself. I will announce the verdict in the next post.


The Big Bang of the New Year

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 | Author: Sarah
Let me start by saying that for those of you that are still lagging (such as myself) we have actually entered a new year and are officially in 2011.

Depending on how you look at your glass (half full versus half empty) this could be the greatest year ever in the Harry Potter fandom, a very sad year or maybe even that bitter sweet feeling you get when you think you finally have all the answers to something only to find out that maybe you really didn’t want to know all the answers.

Either way, this is going to be an extremely exciting year for us Harry Potter fans. Of course, we all know that Part Two of The Deathly Hallows is scheduled to come out in theaters in July. My personal “happy place” for this is that we have LeakyCon 2011 to look forward to!

No, I don’t mean just a convention for the Harry Potter “freaks” of the world. If you have to choose one Harry Potter event to attend, this is the one! It’s being held in Orlando, FL on the Universal grounds where the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter has come to life. What is the added bonus of this particular convention you may ask? Well….if all goes according to plan (movie releases don’t get delayed and such) then all of us will be able to see the final movie together as one big Harry Potter family!!! Oh, with the added bonus of us being able to see the midnight showing and hopefully in IMAX all within the boundaries of the Universal Studios park! It is bound to be the best Harry Potter party ever held!!!

So now I must ask, how many of you have been to a Harry Potter convention before and what was your experience? And, are you planning to attend LeakyCon 2011?

I can’t wait to meet everyone face-to-face in July!!!



Welcome Home, Me.

Friday, January 07th, 2011 | Author: Hollie

Man, this week has been stressful. Before I divulge, let me give you an update into my very un-Potter lifestyle that I’ve been leading as of late. Wait, what’s that – do I hear boos echoing in the backdrop? I deserve it.

Right, so Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 is already turning out to be eventful, what with all the environmental and political turmoil still churning worldwide, we’re bound to have an exhilarating, albeit slightly frightening year ahead of us. What? You know shiz is getting scary out there. Maybe it’s just me – I’m a little paranoid about the whole apocalypse thing.

On to better news – I’m an aunt! Yes, me, Auntie Hollie. My lovely sister-in-law gave birth to the most precious and beautiful child, Mya, on January 2nd. I must say, it was a joyous experience for the family. I’m already planning on purchasing every Harry Potter audio disc for her enjoyment. She needs some good listening material for the car, and what better way to start? I have fantasies of reading her the entire series. I hope she loves it as much as I do! My luck, she’ll refer to me as “My Cooky Aunt Hollie – you know, the one who is creepishly obsessed with those Potter books”.

Besides that, I’ve been swept up in a sea of cheerleading. Yes, I’m a cheer coach, and a damn enthusiastic one at that. We are prepping for our competition season, which is just underway. I have the most hard-working, good-natured, and persevering team there is – not to mention adorable. Yet, it’s a stressful business, being a coach. I love it, and would never change it, but there are days when my teeth are gritted and my knuckles are white. Along with my teaching, living in teenager-land isn’t always the epitome of pleasant. Oh, hush teenyboppers. Leave me alone – you know I’m right! It’s one of those days, folks, and no one said it was going to be easy.

Okay, so what is the point of this diary entry, you ask? Since when did I hijack the blog, beginning a new terrible regime called The Hollie Pensieve? All of my mumblings lead to this plain, yet tragic fact:

Through all my hustlings and bustlings, I’m left Potter deprived! Cold, shivering…alone.

Yes, I’ve a thirst for pumpkin juice, a longing for Hagrid’s choppy, yet endearing vernacular! I feel a desperation in my chest to see visions of Hogsmeade, the grounds at Hogwarts – even Privet Drive for God’s sake. Anything! I would even take on a virtual date with Voldemort if it meant reconnecting with my long-lost world. I’d hang out with Wormtail for the day if it meant I’d get some insight into what has been happening within the fandom. Even in my busiest days, I try to recall whisperings of Jo’s lofty council – bits of wisdom from interviews past. My mind fails me. I feel so far gone from Potter, it’s like I’m on the outside looking in.

Okay, I have to log on to Leaky and get researching, but there’s so much information! Where do I start? What do I do? *Wails with overwhelmed angst*…

I’m so ashamed *whimpers*


Okay, after I’ve calmed down, I think I can return to our favourite world with a new perspective. No longer will I take The Trio for granted, or think that the Weasleys always be at my fingertips. As life goes on, it gets busier, messier, and more complicated. Through it all, Harry Potter has never had so much importance for me than it does now – it’s my refuge, and happily, I have returned. So without further adieu, open that Burrow door, and say it with me:

“Welcome Home!”


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…. then WWoHP!

Friday, November 19th, 2010 | Author: Sarah

Don’t worry, this post will not contain any spoilers… I will save those for a later date :)

However, I feel the nagging urge to let everyone know that, in my opinion, this movie was absolutely top notch and surpassed many of my expectations which is saying quite a bit! I was pleasantly surprised by the spontaneity of humor throughout the horrific events that happen during this first half of the final chapter of Harry Potter. I found that the quirky little laughs I had were greatly offset by the sadness and anger that is inevitably included in the movie. It was directed in a way that made the flow of emotions seem like the Flight of the Hippogriff ride with its smooth turns and twists as opposed to the Dragon Challenge that leaves you in an emotional wreck. Finally, I feel I must add that I usually don’t “like” the HP movies the first time around because I’m too busy speculating on how grossly it differs from the book, but not this time! I walked out of the theater at 3:00 am feeling one hundred percent happy with the movie.

Now, I am back at my hotel room too excited to sleep and very eager to blog about Harry Potter. Of course, that whole sleeping thing could have something to do with the fact that we are waking up in the morning and heading to the park! I have the awesome privilege of taking my nieces with me, one of which has never been to the WWoHP. I am so very excited to see their reactions first hand and I am fully prepared to record the entire experience!

Stay tuned for the gory details of my first experience at the park as well as my take on my nieces!

P.S. This all came just in time. At 12:01 am, while waiting for the movie to start, I was reminded that it had officially become my birthday!


What Should I Do First?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010 | Author: Sarah

I have an internal struggle that I thought maybe, just maybe, if I lay the struggle out for all to see, I might get some much needed direction. I am going (for sure) to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this weekend. However, I had to compromise and succumb to the much talked about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios just to get someone to go with me. Probably, I am just infatuated with the WWoHP and it is not possible for me to fall out of love with it (unlike other way too muggle-ish people)! What I am really saying is that I can never get enough. I can literally just sit outside the Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head Pub or even just sit on the wall near the Owlery and completely enjoy myself! I don’t necessarily need to go on rides, although I do love the Forbidden Journey. :D

Okay, so that being said, my internal dilemma is this: I still have yet to see the park at night. I have heard all about how beautiful it is and how it’s a “must-see”. Still I haven’t been able to actually see it. On the other hand I have made this “compromise” to go at night to the other park. So, would it be rude of me to ditch the others (who, by the way, are only going to keep each other company while I relish in a world I want to live in) and go to Hogsmeade to see this amazing world look even more enticing? Don’t forget that if I do evade my company and go to the WWoHP instead I will have some really great pictures and possibly videos for your viewing pleasure! (No coercion there :) )