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MTTSDH: The Big Change

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 | Author: Heather

Today is a doubly important anniversary for me. 43 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing and 5 years since the Deathly Hallows book release party.

Exactly five years ago today I was sitting in a crowded Barnes & Noble trying not to follow the employee dressed as Snape into the backroom and steal all of the books. I have better self-control now.

Five years ago today I wanted a drink from Starbucks but I didn’t know how to order. I now order far too much there.

Five years ago today I won a Harry Potter trivia contest. Since then I have placed second in my region at a trivia competition.

Five years ago today I was looking up at the star Regulus in the heart of Leo and wondering if any of my theories would come true. Some did and some didn’t. But now I know why the stars burn.

Five years ago today I was starting to get tired. Now there are some nights when I don’t sleep until 4.

All of these are changes in my life that have happened since Deathly Hallows was released. They’re small, but when combined with each other they add up to a bigger one. I have become myself. I have gained confidence. I’m less awkward. I can make friends. My outlook on life has changed. I no longer think of the world as dull. I think of it teeming with endless possibilities. And all of this because of Harry Potter.

If there is one thing I am grateful to Harry Potter for, it’s myself. I am grateful for the person Harry Potter and its environment of fans has given me. I am grateful for how it has shaped my own being. And the books continue to mold my life every time I open one. That’s why it’s important to remember that even if the reading experience is drastically different your fifth time around as compared to your 2nd, the books haven’t changed; you have. They’ve changed you.

So as I raise my glass of sparkling grape juice tonight to toast Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, I will also be thanking J.K. Rowling.


MTTSDH: Confidence Grows

Friday, July 20th, 2012 | Author: Heather

Here is an obvious fact: If it hadn’t been for Harry Potter then you wouldn’t be reading this. Because obviously this website wouldn’t exist and you would have no idea who I am and you would never go searching for other things that I’ve done. But what I mean is that you never would read anything that I wrote. Ever. If it weren’t for Harry Potter everything that I have ever written would be hidden away in a box and even I would be too embarrassed to read it.

You see, if there were only one thing that Harry Potter has given me, it would be confidence. I was always the shy and awkward kid who didn’t understand social graces. You’ve all heard the story before. I kept all of my writing or anything creative I did a secret and would tell no one about it. While I will on occasion do that today, I have become more and more comfortable expressing myself to the world at large. And the reason for that os the Harry Potter fandom.

When I first started to discover the fandom in 2006 it was alive and vibrant. There were so many amazing pieces of fan-art and well written fan-fiction and beautifully edited videos and passionate songs. It seemed like some sort of strange, counter-culture society where everyone just did what they loved. And what they loved was Harry Potter. As a 12 year old kid I was influenced by all of these amazingly talented people. “Some of them aren’t much older than me,” I thought. “I could definitely do this.”

And so I did. I drew some fan-art and wrote some fan-fiction and even composed my own songs in my head. I did this before the Harry Potter fandom, of course, but the difference now was that I wasn’t ashamed of it. Even when my portraits of Snape looked more like weasels in hats I was proud and happy because I was surrounded by support. And all of these people sharing their work influenced me to share my own until eventually, I was no longer embarrassed when people read something that I wrote. When there are other people submitting creative endeavors to the void that is the internet, it doesn’t seem as scary.

Without Harry Potter I wouldn’t have taught myself to play the guitar. I wouldn’t have started making my own videos. I wouldn’t have started this podcast with Adam and I definitely wouldn’t be sharing any thoughts with strangers like this! So thank you, Harry. In the last five years I have only become more confident and I hope that I continue on this path no matter who cares to join me.


Brazil Vlog, Anyone?

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 | Author: Adam

Hey folks! In a matter of hours I (Adam) will begin my gruelling 20-hour voyage to Sao Paulo, Brazil for 3 weeks! I thought it would be interesting to video-log certain aspects of my trip on the website with you guys! I’ll be posting some Youtube on here soon. You will also be able to check the Facebook group for updates and videos. :)


Happy birthday, Adam!

Saturday, January 07th, 2012 | Author: Heather

Hem, hem! Today we celebrate the coming of age of an extraordinary wizard. Though still young, this wizard has already achieved more than many people three times his age. He has forged lasting relationships across unfathomable distances, formed a community of literary discussion and enlightenment, proved his dedication to his creative endeavors through the darkest of times, danced with a Hagrid wig on his head (except I wasn’t supposed to tell you that), and created one of the best and most interactive podcasts in the Harry Potter fandom. That’s right, everyone. Today Adam turns 19.

Since Adam is Canadian and they are rather silly up there, he is finally a legal adult. So I have compiled a list of things he should do now that he no longer has the Trace on him.

1.) Cook a meal with magic. You’re an adult so you should learn how to cook and since you’re a wizard in muggle guise you might as well at least try to boil the water for your Kraft Dinner with your wand.

2.) Go to the Hog’s Head and order a fire whiskey. It’s always good to drink with a goat.

3.) Get into a fight with the Prime Minister in your living room.

4.) Embark on an insane camping trip with two of your best friends searching for the scattered bits of your arch enemy’s soul hidden in ancient artifacts.

5.) While you’re on this camping trip you might as well team up with a goblin and rob a bank. (*DISCLAIMER*: I am kidding. The Potter Pensieve Podcast does not condone such criminal actions. Do not go tell your parents that you’re off to infiltrate a bank because Heather from the PPP told you to.)

6.) Bail me out of jail when I’m accused of encouraging theft by people who didn’t read the disclaimer above.

7.) Jump into a pool of frozen water before taking off an evil necklace that is obviously going to choke you.

8.) Eat mushrooms that your friend who knows little about horticulture deems edible enough.

9.) Go chasing after objects from fairy tales on very little evidence that they might exists.

10.) Sneak into your old school where you know your enemies are waiting.

Wow. Okay. Um, maybe it’s best if you don’t follow Harry Potter’s example in everything. I think it’d be in the everyone’s best interest if you just ate cake with a few friends and left the insane adventures to fictional wizards. But anyway, to my fellow founder and best friend, happy birthday. From all of us here in the Pensieve, we hope your day is magical.

If you want to give Adam a present for his birthday, get your guesses in for the New Year’s Challenge. You have until midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time. That’s 13 hours so hurry. You don’t want to miss your chance!


As Promised…

Friday, October 21st, 2011 | Author: Sarah

Hey guys! Two episodes ago I said I would post some progressive pictures of my adventure riding the Forbidden Journey at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I am finally doing it! I can so relate to Harry’s procrastination. I think it gives the world’s future hero’s a little bit of hope!

The picture below is my first official picture taken on the ride on June 28, 2010. I think you can tell by my chin(s)!

First Picture on the Forbidden Journey

This next one is my first time with my Niece’s…. *Evil Aunt Sarah* It was taken on my birthday, November 19, 2010. (Such a great birthday gift!)

Finally we have the most recent picture with some friends and it was their first time at the park as well. Can you tell that I have learned where the camera’s are and when to smile?!

This last picture is of the commemorative tickets that we were gifted as some of the parks first visitors. I am so incredibly proud to have these! I know it sounds a bit “dorky” since they are just tickets but that’s okay. I am a proud Harry Potter fan!


THE Decade of My Life.

Thursday, July 07th, 2011 | Author: Adam

My very first Harry Potter book is not on my bookshelf anymore. Instead, it is covered in protective plastic, and stored carefully on the top shelf at the back of my closet. The book has literally been through a lot. The pages are bent, scratched, written in (what was i thinking?), and crumpled. It was the book that I had once ordered from the Scholastic catalog, 11 years ago. It is one of my most treasured possessions, and my symbol of the beginning of a decade that has literally changed my life.

I have since then, bought a new version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This is the one that I now store on my bookshelf. This is the…”not so precious” version ;) . Mind you, I searched everywhere to find it. Having searched for a book that was closest to a first edition possible, I had to settle with this one, and online, I bought this 1st edition, 6th printing (blechh). Call me obsessed! Call me pathetic! Call me compulsive! I don’t really care! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you’ll probably understand where I’m coming from.

For the past 10 years we have loved this series with one giant, swelling passion that no “other” could understand. I am 100 percent sure that I am not the only life that this series has changed. And not only has it changed, but it has helped shape and develop. I remember reading the first chapter of Philosopher’s Stone, sitting on my bed. I read it to my parents. Yes, I struggled through it (I was not a very good reader at age 7), and it took me about a month and a half to finish the entire book. But answer me this: what 7 year old would literally spend a month and a half reading one single book? The book would have to to be so new, creative, imaginative, and captivating that I could not put it down. And yes, it most certainly was. Who would have thought that the series would stay with me all the way until adulthood? Who would have thought that I would re-read the entire series many, many times? Who would have thought that I would have created an actual podcast on the subject? The answer is virtually no one. Not even myself. If you were to inform a 7 year old me that I would love Harry Potter until the day that I die, I would have said,” Get outta here! In a couple years, I’ll just out grow this children’s book”. If you were to tell a 7 year old me that I would start a podcast and meet many different people from around the world because of it, I would have said, “What’s a podcast?”

The Harry Potter series has taught me how to be me. It has shaped my morals and understandings of life, and it has helped me be a much better person because of it. I relate my life situations to this series, and I have made many of my decisions based on the teachings of the books. It has opened me up to the world of the fandom. Seeing thousands of different Potter fans all gathering together to celebrate something so special really fills me with pride, pride at what a great part of life I have involved myself in. Because of websites like MyLeaky and Mugglespace, I have been able to meet so many great people, who now, I wouldn’t know what to do without. I have learned about and experienced different cultures, and have made what I know will be life long friends.

And let us not forget the movies, themselves. My gosh! What fantastic movies! They have captured the ideas, morals, and emotions of the novel so well. We are so lucky to be apart of this generation. We have lived through the anticipation of, and the release of each book and movie. This is something that will not be said for our kids, our grand kids and so on.

So yes, this decade has changed my life. If I were to zap out Harry Potter from the last 10 year of it, I realize just how boring and uneventful it would be. These books have taught us how to love, be friends, and overcome evil. These books will also always bring out a bit of the kid in us no matter how old we are when we read it. And now that the series is coming to a close, and I am entering adulthood, I am unbelievably appreciative and grateful that I had check-marked the little box beside “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in the Scholastic Catalog.


My First Potter Party

Saturday, April 16th, 2011 | Author: Christine

I guess it’s unfortunate that I’m going to be the first one to have to  follow Katherine’s brilliant political house essay post, but here goes..haha!

On Sunday I attended my first Harry Potter themed party, complete with wizard rock! I’ve never heard about one in my area so I’ve never gone. This one I heard about on Pottercast and it was being held at a nearby University so I gathered up some friends and we decided to go.

They titled it “The Duality Ball”, so the theme was black and white. If you were a Dumbledore’s Army supporter you were supposed to wear white and if you were a Death Eater supporter you were supposed to wear black. Most people obliged but there were a few that didn’t and wore for example all blue.. cheaters!! Some wrock performers that were there included Snidget, Kwikspell, Seen and Unforseen, The Whomping Willows, Lauren Fairweather (From the Moaning Myrtles), and Justin Finch-Fletchly.

Everyone played pretty well, but it was about 100 degrees in the ballroom and for some reason the party wasn’t really executed that well. They were only serving water and a tray of about 20 cookies for between 60-90 people. However, it was really cool to see a bunch of Potter fans get together to have fun and jam out to some wizard rock! It was also my first experience hearing wizard rock as well so I enjoyed listening to everyone’s lyrics and music. It was a creative night!  Here’s a slideshow I put together of a few pictures I took, with Lauren Fairweather’s “Painfully Obvious” playing background. Enjoy!



A Day of Wonder and Shame

Tuesday, March 01st, 2011 | Author: Adam

This past Friday I took a quick trip to Kamloops (the city nearest to my home). The family and I were off to do some errands and lazing around the city. About half-way through the day, I decided to branch off from the group and grab myself an Orange Julius at the food court. I bought my drink, sat down at a small table and began to play around with an application on my iPod.

It was only a few moments before I heard giggling. I looked up. Two girls, who didn’t look more than 13 or 14, were whispering to each other at a table a few feet away from mine. One had dark brown hair, and one had light blonde hair. They kept glancing at me, and I’m not going to lie, I was slightly uncomfortable. So I just ignored the situation and began to play on my iPod once more.

About a minute later I gave a startled jump when I heard a voice, “Uhm excuse me?” I looked up to see both girls at my table. A little flustered and skeptical I said, “Hi!” Then the girl with blonde hair said this:

“Uhm, well excuse me if I have you mistaken…well..I probably do…but are you on a podcast?”

My internals leapt inside. “Wow! Yes! I am!”

“Its the Potter Pensieve, right?”

“Yeah it is! Wow! I’m in shock! How did you recognize me?”

The two girls give each other a quick glance. “Well, to tell you the truth we were kind of creeping your profile on facebook…from that podcast group you have..”


“Yeah, we just saw you sitting here, and we weren’t sure if it was you or not…but we had to come and say hi just in case, you know?” Both the girls were looking rather excited. “And now I can definitely tell from your voice,” the blonde haired girl laughs.

We spent a few more moments talk about the podcast, and how much shock I’d been in that someone had recognized me from the show. The dark haired girl was rather quiet, and finally the blonde haired girl said, “Wow! This is crazy! Can you sign something for us?”

I looked around. Nothing to sign. And then a thought flashed through my mind: one that I will not discuss on this website. XD   I didn’t even have a pencil. But then the dark-haired girl pulled a pen from her purse, both looked at each other nervously (contemplating something), before the blonde girl said “Bah! What the heck!”

Now comes my moment of shame. I am extremely sorry to all of you who are reading this. No, I did not sign any part of the human anatomy, but I might as well have, because in an instant the book Twilight: Eclipse was flashing in front of my face. The girls had just bought the book from Coles Bookstore, which was across from the food court. I thought, “What the heck! This is my first autograph! When in doubt, sign a girl’s Twilight book!” And sign it I did! Once again, I apologize.

To finish off this post, I just wanted to thank all of the listeners from Kamloops! According to the download statistics, there are A LOT of you. In fact, the University in Kamloops has a Harry Potter club that has contacted us through email once! ^^Maybe this is because a co-host lives so close? I don’t know. But it was an awesome (and extremely surreal) experience to come across fans in public! Keep listening! :)



The Unknown…

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 | Author: Emily

It’s my typical Tuesday night. I am snuggled up on the coach with my current book (In this week’s case it is “Harry, A History” by Melissa Anelli if anyone is interested!) in front of the television watching one of my favourite shows. My mobile vibrates next to me (again, if anyone is interested to the dulcet tones of B.O.B’s “Magic”) and it’s a message from one of my closest friends. Nothing out of the ordinary, but in the moment my life changed. Okay, I admit that was probably a little dramatic and exaggerated, but I think that you get the idea. The most ironic thing is that the message was nothing special, and after all of the hyping up I have done for it, it is going to seem outrageously anticlimactic. So apologise for the in advance. The message read:

“Ahhh, man, im watchin HP4 of GO! And they left out sooooo much Grrrrrr Ninja x x”

So, I will be the first to admit that she isn’t the most avid of Harry Potter fans. However, she has been known to be more tolerant of my Pottermania that others, and occasionally joins in, which is unheard from my “real life friends!” She also has a problem with R/Hr which means we never ever talk shipping, and there is also no time to explain why we call each other ninja here. That story is for another time.

My immediate response to her was:

“WOW! U just figured that out, i new about 6 years ago but wateva…. u hav 2 admit wat was in there was amazing though!”

(Hollie I am so sorry for my dreadful spelling and grammar, and I hope you can forgive me because it was a text message!)

And with an innate, intense curiosity, I changed the channel to see what scene had made her feel that way in particular. In the instant my brain experienced this kind of chemical combination of a self-implosion together with an epiphany. Finally, I understood the emotions that I have been trying to define and comprehend since late November. In that moment of realisation, I was scared. Now, I am no scientist, but I am pretty sure that was what it was….

My eyes were viewing the graveyard scene at the climax of Goblet of Fire with a young Harry trapped against the tombstone of Tom Riddle Senior, screaming with absolute agony. But my mind was racing a million miles ahead of what I was watching…

I often take actual pride in knowing these films incredibly well, and yet when they just appear to me like that, without any prior warning or decision it seems to have a profound effect on me. And in that moment I realised not that it was ending or that filming was completed etc, but what I was going to miss most of all was the unknown. Not knowing what wonders lay stretched out ahead of us for years to come. Suddenly, we have reached the end of the road and I know where it ends, instead of the infinite mist that has been clouding the way for so many years. We will finally know what is at the end of that road, and that thought scares me more than the series “ending.”

Let me explain. Does anyone else ever feel that no matter how incredible a film is, it is never the same watching it the second time. Sometimes, it takes three or four times to tire of a film, but the shift is always there. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that I am tired of these films, it is just that there is nothing like watching it for the first time. That feeling cannot be replicated ever again. It scares me that I will never feel that rush of adrenalin when viewing a Harry Potter film for the first time ever again…

As I sat watching Ralph Fiennes make his debut as Lord Voldemort, I remembered a time when we didn’t know who was going to play the most evil Dark wizard of all time. What was the cave scene in Half-Blood Prince going to look like? How are they going to write the Lightning Struck Tower scene? What were they going to wear, what are they going to say, how are they going to say it, how is the scene going to look, to feel?

I watched Harry fall to the ground as Voldy released him from the tombstone and I couldn’t help notice how young Dan looked! At the time, I was 12, and thought that he had looked so OLD with his ridiculously long hair. Here I was marvelling at the exact same scene, in the completely opposite was for the exact same reasons as I did back then! (I realise that made no sense but it is the only way that I can put it!) There was once a time, when we got our first look at Prisoner of Azkaban in particular, when we all thought the trio were so grown up, but in reality they were still babies. How the times have changed!

In July, we will know. Know everything. The wonderful unknown will cease to exist. The set complete and now more wondering….We will know how Snape dies, how Ron and Hermione finally kiss, and the final showdown will look and how the trio will look aged 20 years.

So, I am treasuring these moments of the unknown. The publicity train for Deathly Hallows Part 2 is still in the station, although we can assume it will be fall steam ahead very soon! I like not knowing. For now, I can let my imagination run wild and cherish these last few months of blissful ignorance. I suppose that is similar to life in a way. The unknown becomes the known as were grow up and continue to grow. Sometimes we don’t want to know, and other times we cannot wait for find out! Sometimes you embrace the knowledge, or dismiss or neglect it, but either way we have to move on and carry that knowledge with us…

Self-proclaimed teenaged philosopher,


Welcome Home, Me.

Friday, January 07th, 2011 | Author: Hollie

Man, this week has been stressful. Before I divulge, let me give you an update into my very un-Potter lifestyle that I’ve been leading as of late. Wait, what’s that – do I hear boos echoing in the backdrop? I deserve it.

Right, so Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 is already turning out to be eventful, what with all the environmental and political turmoil still churning worldwide, we’re bound to have an exhilarating, albeit slightly frightening year ahead of us. What? You know shiz is getting scary out there. Maybe it’s just me – I’m a little paranoid about the whole apocalypse thing.

On to better news – I’m an aunt! Yes, me, Auntie Hollie. My lovely sister-in-law gave birth to the most precious and beautiful child, Mya, on January 2nd. I must say, it was a joyous experience for the family. I’m already planning on purchasing every Harry Potter audio disc for her enjoyment. She needs some good listening material for the car, and what better way to start? I have fantasies of reading her the entire series. I hope she loves it as much as I do! My luck, she’ll refer to me as “My Cooky Aunt Hollie – you know, the one who is creepishly obsessed with those Potter books”.

Besides that, I’ve been swept up in a sea of cheerleading. Yes, I’m a cheer coach, and a damn enthusiastic one at that. We are prepping for our competition season, which is just underway. I have the most hard-working, good-natured, and persevering team there is – not to mention adorable. Yet, it’s a stressful business, being a coach. I love it, and would never change it, but there are days when my teeth are gritted and my knuckles are white. Along with my teaching, living in teenager-land isn’t always the epitome of pleasant. Oh, hush teenyboppers. Leave me alone – you know I’m right! It’s one of those days, folks, and no one said it was going to be easy.

Okay, so what is the point of this diary entry, you ask? Since when did I hijack the blog, beginning a new terrible regime called The Hollie Pensieve? All of my mumblings lead to this plain, yet tragic fact:

Through all my hustlings and bustlings, I’m left Potter deprived! Cold, shivering…alone.

Yes, I’ve a thirst for pumpkin juice, a longing for Hagrid’s choppy, yet endearing vernacular! I feel a desperation in my chest to see visions of Hogsmeade, the grounds at Hogwarts – even Privet Drive for God’s sake. Anything! I would even take on a virtual date with Voldemort if it meant reconnecting with my long-lost world. I’d hang out with Wormtail for the day if it meant I’d get some insight into what has been happening within the fandom. Even in my busiest days, I try to recall whisperings of Jo’s lofty council – bits of wisdom from interviews past. My mind fails me. I feel so far gone from Potter, it’s like I’m on the outside looking in.

Okay, I have to log on to Leaky and get researching, but there’s so much information! Where do I start? What do I do? *Wails with overwhelmed angst*…

I’m so ashamed *whimpers*


Okay, after I’ve calmed down, I think I can return to our favourite world with a new perspective. No longer will I take The Trio for granted, or think that the Weasleys always be at my fingertips. As life goes on, it gets busier, messier, and more complicated. Through it all, Harry Potter has never had so much importance for me than it does now – it’s my refuge, and happily, I have returned. So without further adieu, open that Burrow door, and say it with me:

“Welcome Home!”