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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 | Author: Emily


I was listening back to Episode #15, and I realised that I promised to put up the picture of Ron and Pig… so… enjoy!

I love that even though he wasn’t in the movie that they shot this anyway!

Talk soon,


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Harry Potter: Bathroom Edition

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 | Author: Thio

Oh yes!! We had to wait a while but it is finally here! Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Bathroom Edition!! Or… almost that.
Someone took some time to write down the very first chapter of the Harry Potter series on the wall of a bathroom stall. Take a look.

A wonderful way of making people discover Harry Potter when they are most vulnerable.

Source: Geekologie



Sunday, February 20th, 2011 | Author: Adam

So, once again it looks as if many of our previous episodes on the Podcast page aren’t downloadable! Fixing problems right away. An update will be made once the files are working again. Thanks!

UPDATE: The links have been fixed! They are 100% downloadable and will stay this way! Remember to right click each link and select “Save Link As” to download. Enjoy!! :)


The Potter Pensieve #15 – PoA Chapters 19-22

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 | Author: Adam

We’re back and concluding our look at Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! This week we discuss topics such as: Snape’s childish revenge, Why a stag patronus?, Lupin’s confusing transformation, multiple Dumbledores, our least favorite movie endings, and tons more! We’d also like to welcome Kirsten, runner-up of the New Year’s challenge, to the show!

A Note on Sound Quality: This week we tried something new. We individually recorded our parts, and then we combined them into one recording. The problem that we faced was that our microphones picked up the sounds from our headphones. So, consequently, you will hear a bit of extra noise in the background. But this is not enough to cause distraction. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, so enjoy episode 15, and our conclusion of book 3!


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The Unknown…

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 | Author: Emily

It’s my typical Tuesday night. I am snuggled up on the coach with my current book (In this week’s case it is “Harry, A History” by Melissa Anelli if anyone is interested!) in front of the television watching one of my favourite shows. My mobile vibrates next to me (again, if anyone is interested to the dulcet tones of B.O.B’s “Magic”) and it’s a message from one of my closest friends. Nothing out of the ordinary, but in the moment my life changed. Okay, I admit that was probably a little dramatic and exaggerated, but I think that you get the idea. The most ironic thing is that the message was nothing special, and after all of the hyping up I have done for it, it is going to seem outrageously anticlimactic. So apologise for the in advance. The message read:

“Ahhh, man, im watchin HP4 of GO! And they left out sooooo much Grrrrrr Ninja x x”

So, I will be the first to admit that she isn’t the most avid of Harry Potter fans. However, she has been known to be more tolerant of my Pottermania that others, and occasionally joins in, which is unheard from my “real life friends!” She also has a problem with R/Hr which means we never ever talk shipping, and there is also no time to explain why we call each other ninja here. That story is for another time.

My immediate response to her was:

“WOW! U just figured that out, i new about 6 years ago but wateva…. u hav 2 admit wat was in there was amazing though!”

(Hollie I am so sorry for my dreadful spelling and grammar, and I hope you can forgive me because it was a text message!)

And with an innate, intense curiosity, I changed the channel to see what scene had made her feel that way in particular. In the instant my brain experienced this kind of chemical combination of a self-implosion together with an epiphany. Finally, I understood the emotions that I have been trying to define and comprehend since late November. In that moment of realisation, I was scared. Now, I am no scientist, but I am pretty sure that was what it was….

My eyes were viewing the graveyard scene at the climax of Goblet of Fire with a young Harry trapped against the tombstone of Tom Riddle Senior, screaming with absolute agony. But my mind was racing a million miles ahead of what I was watching…

I often take actual pride in knowing these films incredibly well, and yet when they just appear to me like that, without any prior warning or decision it seems to have a profound effect on me. And in that moment I realised not that it was ending or that filming was completed etc, but what I was going to miss most of all was the unknown. Not knowing what wonders lay stretched out ahead of us for years to come. Suddenly, we have reached the end of the road and I know where it ends, instead of the infinite mist that has been clouding the way for so many years. We will finally know what is at the end of that road, and that thought scares me more than the series “ending.”

Let me explain. Does anyone else ever feel that no matter how incredible a film is, it is never the same watching it the second time. Sometimes, it takes three or four times to tire of a film, but the shift is always there. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that I am tired of these films, it is just that there is nothing like watching it for the first time. That feeling cannot be replicated ever again. It scares me that I will never feel that rush of adrenalin when viewing a Harry Potter film for the first time ever again…

As I sat watching Ralph Fiennes make his debut as Lord Voldemort, I remembered a time when we didn’t know who was going to play the most evil Dark wizard of all time. What was the cave scene in Half-Blood Prince going to look like? How are they going to write the Lightning Struck Tower scene? What were they going to wear, what are they going to say, how are they going to say it, how is the scene going to look, to feel?

I watched Harry fall to the ground as Voldy released him from the tombstone and I couldn’t help notice how young Dan looked! At the time, I was 12, and thought that he had looked so OLD with his ridiculously long hair. Here I was marvelling at the exact same scene, in the completely opposite was for the exact same reasons as I did back then! (I realise that made no sense but it is the only way that I can put it!) There was once a time, when we got our first look at Prisoner of Azkaban in particular, when we all thought the trio were so grown up, but in reality they were still babies. How the times have changed!

In July, we will know. Know everything. The wonderful unknown will cease to exist. The set complete and now more wondering….We will know how Snape dies, how Ron and Hermione finally kiss, and the final showdown will look and how the trio will look aged 20 years.

So, I am treasuring these moments of the unknown. The publicity train for Deathly Hallows Part 2 is still in the station, although we can assume it will be fall steam ahead very soon! I like not knowing. For now, I can let my imagination run wild and cherish these last few months of blissful ignorance. I suppose that is similar to life in a way. The unknown becomes the known as were grow up and continue to grow. Sometimes we don’t want to know, and other times we cannot wait for find out! Sometimes you embrace the knowledge, or dismiss or neglect it, but either way we have to move on and carry that knowledge with us…

Self-proclaimed teenaged philosopher,


Podcast Update!

Wednesday, February 09th, 2011 | Author: Adam

Hey Pensieve listeners! Episode 15 has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday, February 13th! Expect it online sometime mid-next week! :)

UPDATE: Due to a few of us who unable to make it for the recording, episode 15 with be postponed until later this week. Sorry for this!


The Wonderful Craig Fur…..I mean….JK Rowling!!

Tuesday, February 08th, 2011 | Author: Josh

I am sorry for the delay. I have been meaning to write for a long time.

I love comedy, especially the live preformed comedy and Improv. There is a CBS talk show on at 12:30 am that I love to watch, not just for the jokes, but for the host, Craig Ferguson. He is a Scottish immigrant and is the funniest person I have ever heard in my life (besides Colin Mocherie, which you Canadians probably know).

Anyway, about the time of the release of Deathly Hallows, he did these skits of which I thought were hilarious. For those who love J.K. Rowling, you probably shouldn’t watch this because it makes fun of her, but it’s all good fun. I love her too, so don’t get mad at me.

Here is another one.



An Open Letter to Lord Voldemort

Monday, February 07th, 2011 | Author: Hollie

Dear Tom Riddle,

Yeah, I went there. You know, if people had refused to call you Voldemort from the very beginning, they wouldn’t have put up with any of your crap. Remember in Chamber of Secrets (film) when Hermoine came out with the ‘fear of a name’ cliche? That must have really ticked you off. I bet you created another horcrux just because she said that. You were so mad, you were like, “I’m splitting my soul again, for spite.” I know you, and that’s just something you would do. You knew everyone was freaked out by your freaky new name, and you rode that coattail as far as it would take you. Clever, but mean, and  downright misleading. You just made that up. You weren’t actually born into this lordship, were you? No one with any real sway appointed you as a lord, did they? No. I bet you’re not even as dangerous as you claim to be. You know what I realized? You would not make a good friend. I would seriously never be friends with you, not even on Facebook.

Another thing, and you can take this with a grain of salt (you probably will, because I don’t think you are a good listener – part of being a good friend is being a good listener): why the flat nose? I mean, I’m assuming you wanted to look snake-like, but why? It’s too obvious, not to mention predictable. Everyone knows you love snakes, and we all know you have a pet snake. You’re a Slytherin, and you speak Parseltongue. Yeah, we’re aware of all that. Enough with the snakes already! It’s like those people who get tattoos on their faces; we get it – you’re daring, and you love being inked, but did you have to go for the face? It’s permanent! If your mother could see you now, she would not be proud. Besides, some of the most evil people in the world still look terrific. For example, Madonna, or Victoria Beckham. They’re as soulless as the Shrieking Shack, but they always look great. You should call them. They’d probably tell you that part of being successful (especially when you’re in a leadership role) is upholding an awesome physical appearance. I mean I get it, you want to be intimidating, but why not do it with a blood-red pedicure (you don’t wear shoes, so people would totally notice) or a crushed velvet cape instead of the commonly worn cotton-lycra? The alarmingly flat nose just doesn’t work for me. It’s like I look at you and think “Wait, where is the nose? It’s sort of blurry. I can’t quite make it out…is it supposed to be like that?” It’s very distracting. I might even like you a little if you looked better. But you don’t. So I hate you.

I know all of this is really harsh, and might hit you like the ton of bricks did at Godric’s Hollow, but you need to hear it. Do you actually think Wormtail was going to be honest with you? I hate to break it down so simply, but he’s not even your real friend. He’s totally terrified of you! And if you think that you and Snape are cool, you’re completely delirious. If you had any intuition whatsoever, you’d realize that he’s not even on your side. Voldemort, Bellatrix is all you’ve got, and I can tell she is getting on your last nerve. Everyone knows she’s a complete train-wreck, so if anything, she’s destroying your credibility. Still in shock over the Snape news? Ask anyone in The Order. Oh wait, you can’t even figure out where headquarters is located. And I thought you were “the most powerful dark wizard of all time”. Pfft!

You suck,


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Additionally Yours, Hallows Scenes. XOXO

Wednesday, February 02nd, 2011 | Author: Hollie

Potterheads! How are we all doing? Digesting excessive post-Hallows media and feeling bloated? Let me suggest (I’m totally fabricating this) that you’re avoiding the lingering scent of Hallows and instead, digging for that dog-earred copy of Stone your grandmother bought you in 1998. Don’t lie – you’re already envisioning PS perched on your dusty night table as it enjoys a well-deserved comeback. No? The least you can do is humour me.

In my opinion, we’ve been bombarded with media hype for the film, and yes, you might just be part of the fandom who is tiring of it. No, you’re not betraying the Trio – or Dumbledore – if you feel like you need a break.

How have you been you been dealing, Hollie?

Listening to super old and moldy Pottercasts from 2005. They’re awesome. The earliest episodes offer lengthy canon conversations amongst fans, Leaky Lounge moderators, and of course, Melissa, John, and Sue. It takes me back, you know? Remember when all we could do was squee over what was to come? However, during these eps, I find myself missing Frak’s divine comedy. Final word on archaic Pottercasts – I miss Sue Upton. I MISS SUE UPTON! Yeah, I’m yelling at you. Adam will excuse my outburst because he misses her too.

Ok, where was I? Totally went off topic. Actually, I’ve yet to really introduce my topic. Stephen King does this and he doesn’t get in trouble, so why should I? Oh, alright! I’ll round to the point:

Hollie’s Hypothesis: Despite being tired of post-Hallows film coverage (that gives me an overall feeling of yawny impatience), I am overjoyed over the ‘additional scenes’ that will be featured on the DVD! Like you, I’ve recently discovered a concise little list of said scenes on Mugglenet. You can check them out here!

Let’s talk about it.

Scene 1.The Burrow’s Shed: Ron Discusses Radios with Mr. Weasley

The Burrow makes me feel fuzzy inside. Adding a bonding moment (full of solemn anxiety or not) amongst Weasleys is something I can hopefully cry over.

Scene 2. The Dursley House: Harry and Aunt Petunia As They Leave House

Any vivid showing of Petunia’s remorse will be celebrated by me.

Scene 3. The Dursley House: Harry and Dudley Shake Hands

Like my feelings for Petunia (or, ‘the ugly flower’), justice for the case Harry Potter Versus The Dursleys is welcomed by me. Wholeheartedly. Eagerly. Savagely!

Scene 4. The Granger House: Death Eaters Search Deserted Home

Hermoine deserves the press. And, our decade-long curiousity for the Grangers is desperate for nourishment! We all want a nosy look at their abandoned home while choking back a silent sob.

Scene 5. Ministry of Magic Lifts: Harry Tells Arthur He’s Being Tracked

Ou, Tension. I always enjoy a ‘kick-ass Arthur’ paired with a ‘kick-ass Harry’, especially when one of them is pressed for time and desperate for answers! In the words of our beloved Slughorn, “These are dark times…truly… mad!” Or something like that.

Scene 6. Tent: Trio Discusses Destroying The Locket

Usually I would be slightly bored with this; the visual interpretation in the film explains the absolute evil nature of the locket. Right? And when it comes to additional footage, I’d rather pour over more insignificant details (like portraits on a wall, or specific dishes served at a feast. I’m very annoying in that way). Yet, I’m interested in this addition. It could reveal meaningful information about Horcruxes – something we can all be reminded of. Yes?

Scene 7. Rabbit Chase in the Forest

Someone remind me what the hell this is all about.

Montage: Ron and Hermione Skimming Stones

Absolutely every moment they shared had me blubbering like a baboon – I just could not stop crying. I crave more misery and joy. Mixed. Together. In a sea of magical emotions.

How could I permit myself to write one more word after that ridiculous sentence?

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