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Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 | Author: Adam

Hey listeners! The PPP would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and great long weekend! We hope that you are celebrating it with loved ones!
Because of Easter long weekend, we won’t be recording for the last week of April. Expect episode 19 to be out the first week of May! Thanks for understanding!

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Harry Potter as a Christ figure?

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 | Author: Katherine

As it is now Good Friday and Easter is nearly here, I thought that a topical blog could be one comparing Harry to Jesus. I am not particularly religious, so I hope I have the details right.

I don’t think that Jo intended, as C S Lewis did with the Chronicles of Narnia, to write a book as an allegory to the Bible, and neither has she. However, she is a Christian so I think some aspects of that may have found their way into the book.

Jesus sacrificed himself so that Christians may “live forever” in the afterlife. It was because of His sacrifice that “we shall not die” because He loved us enough to die for our sins. Harry also sacrifices himself for his friends, and his love means that they cannot be harmed by the death-eaters. Lily’s sacrifice for Harry could be similarly compared. Harry and Jesus were also both resurrected.

Also, like Harry, Jesus was famous when he was very young, with the three kings visiting him. They both were prophesised to be born.

I have also read that the scars on Harry’s forehead and hand could be symbolising the stomata on Jesus’ hands, and the cuts from the thorn crown at the crucifixion. Isaiah also calls God “the Potter”, which is identical to Harry’s sirname.

Harry and Jesus also both have problems with the corrupt authority that they were living with, publicly denouncing it whatever the personal costs to them. He is friends with many whom society shuns, such as Hagrid, Sirius, Ron and even muggle-borns. Jesus lived with lepers, tax collectors and Samaritans.

So in conclusion, far from being a book that some Christians feared would promote Satanism, it promotes values of love and sacrifice which can be found in the Bible.

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Scrumptious Snippets!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 | Author: Hollie

After viewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One at least seven times (I don’t lie), I’ve decided to give a textual play-by-play of my thoughts on poignant snippets and scenes in the film. Perhaps another blogger can continue on where I’ve left off, and we’ll have some fun with it!

Here goes (linear fashion):

Rufus in da house - Love the close-up. It says “We’re sweating it out here.” All business, he is. However shaken, he continues to push forward admirably. I don’t like the way he says “strong” – too much for my brain, but I enjoy his enunciation, especially when he comes to read Dumbledore’s will. Yeah?

Hermoine, when she says “Coming, Mo-om” - It clearly conveys the sadness and finality of what she is about to do.

Snape, workin’ it - The strut! He’s just so fabulous in his billowing cloak, isn’t he? I want to be a screaming fan on the sidelines of the Malfoy’s garden. Picture me: “I love you! You are my world!” Okay, not really, but he gives me goose-bumps, and as a 28-year-old, I would seriously contemplate a bedroom poster if my husband would allow it. Since we are supposed to be grown-ups, only real photos or works of art allowed. But what about his sports memorabilia? He wants a “man cave” when we finally buy. Does that mean I can have a “Potter pen”? That sounds icky. Am I off topic?

Lucius, in his desperate state of affairs - The choked, muted speech; the wincing, the disheveled locks – the curling of the finger at Voldemort’s touch! I can barely watch it. Even after knowing exactly how this scene plays out, I still turtle with irrational fear. I’m terrified that Voldy is going to reach out and bite him. CHOMP! You feel for Lucius here, but all sympathy dissipates after he encourages Draco to reveal Harry’s identity. Twit!

Harry, saying goodbye to his his cupboard under the stairs- Oh, Harry. Look how far you’ve come. For me, the dusty old toy symbolizes a fading memory of “Just Harry”, which holds such meaning for him, yet contrasts wonderfully against “The Chosen One”. Classic.

“Haven’t done that before, have we?” – Ron. The fact that my husband, who is not an avid Potter fan, yet watches the movies with me (incessantly, and without complaint) – laughed out loud at this made me love Ron all the more! Ron’s character is portrayed so charmingly by Rupert, and this line is the beginning of a stand-up performance.

“Just trying to ease the tens-ION!” – Fred. Or George. Whoever you are, you’re ballsy-funny.

Mad-Eye, on his broom-cart apparatus, flying past Harry and Hagrid – Bad-ass! Mad-Eye’s last hurrah makes me want to hop on my four-wheeler and rip down the road, dead serious expression in tact. Rest in Peace, you cantankerous old warrior.

Hagrid’s “look” – After he and Harry land in The Burrow’s swamp, he side-glances Harry with a soft, almost parental expression that only he and Harry would be able to understand. It’s like he’s saying, “Here we are, fighting the old battle.”

Fred and George’s ‘holey humour’ - The twins are endearing here, especially when Fred says “Pathet-ic”, in a wondrously British accent. Without much said, the bond between brothers is sweetly conveyed. If it weren’t for Fred and George, the grimness of defeating Voldy would be unbearably grimmer.

I’ll stop here for now, but if you’ve got any favourite snippets and scenes, post them below!


Dudleys and Malfoys in the Real World

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 | Author: Katherine

I was listening to the latest episode of Potter Pensieve Podcast and I was really impressed by the discussion the hosts had about bullies, and the media, and I thought I would follow it up with an essay of my own.

Malfoy and Dudley Dursley are both stereotypical bullies, but different types. Malfoy is clever, and makes sharp biting comments – so he would be a verbal bully. Dudley is a lot less sharp, but his size makes up for that – he is a physical bully.

Bullies are cowards?

But what interested me the most would be Hollie’s comments on how teachers in Canada were meant to deal with bullying and how she struggled with it. It made me think of how bullying is dealt with in England.

In English primary schools children are taught that bullies are insecure and that the bullying stems from this. We can see this clearly with both Malfoy and Dudley. Both come from privileged backrounds, but are still troubled. Malfoy is under extreme pressure from his father to succeed more than Hermione in school, and has insecurities about himself because of this. He tries to seem big in front of his “friends”; who would almost certainly leave him if they perceived him as weak.

Dudley too, has all his material needs catered for by his parents but none of his emotional needs.

However, the treatment of bullies in schools does not follow this path. They are, when caught, either given detention or suspended from school. This does not solve the problem, it just makes it worse. However, I do not agree with the treatment of victims either.

In England, victims of bullying face two options: move class/school, or gain a stiff upper lip. Neither of these “solutions” solve the problem either.

Could Harry and Malfoy have worked together?

Dudley’s Smeltings stick I think is a physical representation of the bullying that is said to be encouraged in public schools. (in England, public schools are posh schools that you pay for). They apparently encourage bullying between the boys to encourage strength.

So whilst I do not agree that the bully should be the only one treated as a victim, both should have counselling or something and the problems resolved. If Harry and Malfoy had been able to overcome their differences, maybe Malfoy would have been a useful ally, and not have become involved with the Death Eaters. OK, maybe that’s a stretch too far but maybe not…

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The Additional Scenes of Deathly Hallows Part 1-How Would They Have Looked in the Film?

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 | Author: Rhea

After months of waiting, I have finally got the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD! I’m really excited. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the special features for a very long time, especially the additional scenes. It has been interesting to watch those scenes and think about how they would fit into the movie.

The Burrow Shed- When I first heard of this scene I thought it would show a little emotional moment between Ron and Arthur. I was let down because I wanted to see a family moment, since such moments are not found very often in the movies. The scene was a nice way to show Mr. Weasley’s fondness for Muggles and Muggle machinery put to use. It also shows us where Ron got the idea of carrying the radio with him. It is a little strange, however, to show Mr. Weasley repairing a radio with a screwdriver since wizards have their own wireless which I’m sure can be repaired by magic. I loved the set, though. It’s the perfect shed at the Burrow- dirty, cluttered and full of Muggle articles that I can picture Arthur taking apart, along with rickety chairs and old cupboards.

The Dursley House (Harry and Aunt Petunia)- I’m not sure whether this should have been in the film or not. When I first saw this scene, I was disappointed that it wasn’t there but the more I thought about Petunia, the more I felt it was slightly out of character for her to say what she did. In the book, Petunia wasn’t able to overcome the awkwardness and muster the courage to admit that she did love Lily once upon a time, so leaving this scene out is justified. This was a spectacular bit of acting, though. Fiona Shaw is amazing, she conveys so much just with her eyes.

Dudley and Harry- Somehow, this didn’t play out as I had imagined it. The ‘waste of space’ line wasn’t as effective as it was in the book. It would have been nice in the film anyway so that the filmgoers would have known that Dudley was decent to Harry in the end, but it wasn’t necessary. Harry Melling’s acting was spot on. He looks completely gormless and awkward- the perfect Dudley.

The Granger House-I actually had expected a few more Death Eaters to be in this scene. After thinking about it I realized that sending only one Death Eater showcases the typical arrogance of Voldemort, who believes that Muggles are powerless against him. All I can say is, Yaxley was lucky that there wasn’t someone with a gun behind one of the doors!

Ministry of Magic Lifts- I don’t mind that this scene wasn’t in the film since I find it a little strange that Arthur told Reg Cattermole that he would help him, in front of Runcorn. Of course, I have got no doubts that the Weasleys would have fully supported the Cattermoles but I don’t think Arthur would have risked his job by asserting this in front of a supporter of the Ministry. He needed his job for the sake of the Order, if for nothing else. Also, Harry warning Arthur that he is being tracked doesn’t fit as well into the movie as it does into the book. What I actually craved was some proper interaction between Ron and Arthur like we got in the book.

Harry, Ron and Hermione Discuss Horcruxes in the Tent- This scene was pretty unnecessary, especially for book fans, since we already know everything Harry says about the Horcruxes. That little detail should actually have been included in the Half Blood Prince. The rest of the scene wasn’t needed in the film as well but I do think that this scene, among many others, is proof that Steve Kloves (who has been railed against by a number of book fans) has tried to stay as close to the book as possible for this film, hence the ‘beating heart’ dialogue.

Rabbit Chase in the Forest- This is the only scene about which I can say with complete certainty that I am very, very happy that it was not in the film. First, I wondered why Harry and Ron would be picking on a defenseless rabbit even if it is only to vent their frustration. I’m sure Hermione wouldn’t be at all pleased. Second, I have no idea why they started firing spells at each other. I don’t think it’s something that they would do. I don’t think it builds up to the fight between Harry and Ron either. There is a lot of build-up to that moment in the film which I feel is sufficient.

Montage:Ron and Hermione Skimming Stones- Please, please, please don’t get me wrong. I love Ron and Hermione and I’m completely in favour of their relationship, but I’m actually quite glad that this wasn’t in the movie. I think both Hermione and Ron were out of character in this scene. The whole Trio is supposed to be pretty distressed at this point. It would have probably distracted the watchers from the tension that is supposed to be building at this time. I would have loved a scene with just Ron and Hermione in it, though.

At the end of this scene, I saw something that infuriated me. When Harry, who is sitting at a distance, looks into the mirror the eye that he sees (Aberforth Dumbledore’s eye) is green! I have no idea why they did that! I’ve checked the movie and it is there too.

There is more on the special features disc as well. There is some insight into some of the special effects scenes as well as the friendships between the actors and the creation of the soundtrack. All this, especially the part about the soundtrack, is not like anything that we have seen on a Harry Potter DVD before and is all the more enjoyable because of that.

Happy watching!

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The Potter Pensieve #18 – GoF Chapters 8-11

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 | Author: Adam

The full gang is back for another awesome episode of The Potter Pensieve Podcast! This episode is crammed with new discussion as we see to the many, many, many different events that happen throughout these next four chapters of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! This episode we cover topics such as:
-Are the Malfoys innately evil?
-We give a personal message to Mike Newel regarding the fourth film.
-We hate Krum!
-Rita Skeeter: Media, even in the muggle world, is almost always WRONG.
-Stop harassing Mrs. Weasley!
-Why are bullies (Draco) the way they are?
And loads more!

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, join our Myleaky Group, and subscribe to us on iTunes!!

ALSO: One more shout out to all of our new Bloggers!!! We didn’t mention you on this episode but we certainly will next time! Thanks, Rhea, Katherine, Christine and Marcel for all or your extraordinary help so far!


Podcast Update

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 | Author: Adam

Episode 18 is nearing completion!! Expect it online with the next couple hours! Because there was some problems with the large files, this episode’s quality is a little lower. Not to worry! It’s still an amazing episode! ^^


My First Potter Party

Saturday, April 16th, 2011 | Author: Christine

I guess it’s unfortunate that I’m going to be the first one to have to  follow Katherine’s brilliant political house essay post, but here goes..haha!

On Sunday I attended my first Harry Potter themed party, complete with wizard rock! I’ve never heard about one in my area so I’ve never gone. This one I heard about on Pottercast and it was being held at a nearby University so I gathered up some friends and we decided to go.

They titled it “The Duality Ball”, so the theme was black and white. If you were a Dumbledore’s Army supporter you were supposed to wear white and if you were a Death Eater supporter you were supposed to wear black. Most people obliged but there were a few that didn’t and wore for example all blue.. cheaters!! Some wrock performers that were there included Snidget, Kwikspell, Seen and Unforseen, The Whomping Willows, Lauren Fairweather (From the Moaning Myrtles), and Justin Finch-Fletchly.

Everyone played pretty well, but it was about 100 degrees in the ballroom and for some reason the party wasn’t really executed that well. They were only serving water and a tray of about 20 cookies for between 60-90 people. However, it was really cool to see a bunch of Potter fans get together to have fun and jam out to some wizard rock! It was also my first experience hearing wizard rock as well so I enjoyed listening to everyone’s lyrics and music. It was a creative night!  Here’s a slideshow I put together of a few pictures I took, with Lauren Fairweather’s “Painfully Obvious” playing background. Enjoy!



So, Where Is Episode 18?

Thursday, April 14th, 2011 | Author: Adam

Hey listeners!

Due to an unexpected busy schedule, the editing for ep 18 is about half-way through completion! Apologies for this delay. Expect the episode out by this weekend!


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Hogwarts Houses as Political Ideologies

Monday, April 11th, 2011 | Author: Katherine

This essay is about how I believe that the Hogwarts houses could be interpreted as different political ideologies not just single characteristics for example, cleverness and bravery.

Before reading this essay I suggest that you visit this website: as it bears the basis for this essay. It is very informative and interesting – taking the test takes only 5 minutes, and though you don’t have to, it could reveal things about yourself you didn’t know. Even if you don’t want to take the test, I would recommend reading the analysis as it makes this essay make more sense.

I do not wish to offend anyone in this essay or say that one set of political ideologies is better than others, merely say how I think the houses correlate to these parties. I refer to British Political Parties, as I am afraid I don’t fully understand political systems for other countries. On a normal political scale, the Conservatives are right wing and Labour is left wing. The Liberal Democrats I’m not sure to be honest.

Firstly I believe that Slytherin would be on the Authoritarian Right. This ranges from mild views like the Conservative Party in Britain to more Death Eater like Fanatics who would compare more to Hitler’s National Socialists or the BNP. I believe this to be the case as they are traditionalists who do not welcome the changes in the Wizarding World. There is also a tendency for Racism in the more extreme parties of this political ideology (See the Nazis or the BNP) which can compare to the Death Eater’s stance on muggle-born wizards. As the Slytherins are more power hungry than other houses, this may also fit with the Authoritarian position as if they were to be in power, government would have more power over the people.

Hufflepuffs are pretty much the opposites of Slytherins so I think that their political position would be Libertarian Left. This shows them to be accepting of everyone and peace-loving – both important Hufflepuff traits. Real world examples of this ideology include Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the Green Party. However, Hufflepuffs aren’t always taken seriously by other houses, maybe an example of how in the real world these figures are often thought to be too idealistic, and their ideas wouldn’t work. However, Mandela and Gandhi eventually did achieve their aims.

I think that Gryffindor would be more like the Labour Party. This ties in that they are the red house and Labour’s colour is Red. This also mirrors Jo’s own views which were demonstrated in donating to the Labour Party and also in a letter to The Times newspaper. She has said that to be British is “it means a welfare state of which we should be fiercely proud and a tradition of tolerance and free speech we should defend to our last collective breath.” These are also the values of Gryffindor house. Therefore, I think Jo is definitely a Gryffindor.

Ravenclaw are the hardest to place. They are definitely elitist as a house, and support Slytherin in GoF. However, Luna is also a Ravenclaw, and she is, I believe, closer to Gryffindor.

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