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The Potter Pensieve #29 – OotP Chapters 10-12!

Saturday, January 21st, 2012 | Author: Adam
The gang is back together to discuss and analyze chapters 10-12 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Also, listen in as we pull the names of the winners for the New Year’s Challenge Draw! Thanks to everyone who participated! We’d also like to welcome back Mauricio to the podcast!
This week we discuss topics such as:
-Neville is growing up?,
-The many hints in the series (particularly in this book) to the final battle of Hogwarts,
-Heavy Umbridge discussion (finally!),
-and LOADS more!
Finally, don’t forget to listen all the way through for the bloopers!
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Happy birthday, Adam!

Saturday, January 07th, 2012 | Author: Heather

Hem, hem! Today we celebrate the coming of age of an extraordinary wizard. Though still young, this wizard has already achieved more than many people three times his age. He has forged lasting relationships across unfathomable distances, formed a community of literary discussion and enlightenment, proved his dedication to his creative endeavors through the darkest of times, danced with a Hagrid wig on his head (except I wasn’t supposed to tell you that), and created one of the best and most interactive podcasts in the Harry Potter fandom. That’s right, everyone. Today Adam turns 19.

Since Adam is Canadian and they are rather silly up there, he is finally a legal adult. So I have compiled a list of things he should do now that he no longer has the Trace on him.

1.) Cook a meal with magic. You’re an adult so you should learn how to cook and since you’re a wizard in muggle guise you might as well at least try to boil the water for your Kraft Dinner with your wand.

2.) Go to the Hog’s Head and order a fire whiskey. It’s always good to drink with a goat.

3.) Get into a fight with the Prime Minister in your living room.

4.) Embark on an insane camping trip with two of your best friends searching for the scattered bits of your arch enemy’s soul hidden in ancient artifacts.

5.) While you’re on this camping trip you might as well team up with a goblin and rob a bank. (*DISCLAIMER*: I am kidding. The Potter Pensieve Podcast does not condone such criminal actions. Do not go tell your parents that you’re off to infiltrate a bank because Heather from the PPP told you to.)

6.) Bail me out of jail when I’m accused of encouraging theft by people who didn’t read the disclaimer above.

7.) Jump into a pool of frozen water before taking off an evil necklace that is obviously going to choke you.

8.) Eat mushrooms that your friend who knows little about horticulture deems edible enough.

9.) Go chasing after objects from fairy tales on very little evidence that they might exists.

10.) Sneak into your old school where you know your enemies are waiting.

Wow. Okay. Um, maybe it’s best if you don’t follow Harry Potter’s example in everything. I think it’d be in the everyone’s best interest if you just ate cake with a few friends and left the insane adventures to fictional wizards. But anyway, to my fellow founder and best friend, happy birthday. From all of us here in the Pensieve, we hope your day is magical.

If you want to give Adam a present for his birthday, get your guesses in for the New Year’s Challenge. You have until midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time. That’s 13 hours so hurry. You don’t want to miss your chance!


2-Day Warning!

Friday, January 06th, 2012 | Author: Adam

Hey listeners!

Only 2 days left until the New Year’s Challenge is closed! We’re encouraging everyone to participate! Send in your guess to, or use the Contact Page! You could win a guest-position on the Potter Pensieve Podcast, and a brand new Potter Pensieve T-shirt! The Challenge closes at Midnight Pacific Standard Time on January 7th, 2011! So HURRY HURRY HURRY!