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The Potter Pensieve #30 – OotP Chapters 13-15

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 | Author: Adam
Hello folks! This week in the PPP studio we have Thio, Emily, Adam and our New Year’s Challenge winner Jamie! Listen in as we get into some in-depth discussion and analysis of chapters 13-15 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! A few interesting topics discussed are:
-Why Jamie hates Percy over Voldemort!
-Harry’s scar doesn’t hurt, he just has numeral headaches!
-Does Cho get too much screen time?
-Umbridge fears what she doesn’t understand.
And loads more! Thanks once again to Jamie for appearing on the show this week, and engaging us all with her outgoing insights and brilliant sense of humour!
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T-Shirt Preview!

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 | Author: Adam

Hey everyone!

The rough T-Shirt preview for The Potter Pensieve New Year’s Challenge is out! Hope you like it!

Congratulations, once again, to the 3 winners of the Challenge!


The Potter Pensieve – SS / PS Movie Commentary!

Sunday, February 05th, 2012 | Author: Adam

Hey listeners! The long awaited Sorceror’s / Philosopher’s Stone movie commentary is out! All you need is your iPod, a copy of the DVD, a couch, snacks and 2.5 hours of free time! The gang of 4 is back (welcome back Emily!) and we promise you will love this. Enjoy!