I Have to Wait to Watch Deathly Hallows, And It’s Killing Me!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011 | Author: Adam

I didn’t waste my time in making a creative, subtle title that will leave you readers wondering what this blog post is about. I just threw it all out there for ya! Bam! No puzzles here!

Because I live in a small town, with the nearest city being about 1.5 hours away, I have no way of making it to the theatre to watch Deathly Hallows Part 2 within the next couple days. Whenever a movie like this comes out, I always remind myself that I will have to wait, but I never pay any attention to this fact until the time comes. Now, I have to wait. And wait. Gee, can time go by any slower? Maybe I can just sleep for the next week, and make the days whiz by!

My summer days here are a mixture of work and podasting. There are other things of course, but because I work 10 hour days, from 9AM to 7PM, those other things are minute. I literally seem to be waking up, working, then coming back to watch some television before bed time. And as mom is working on my days off, (we want to watch this movie as a family event) we cannot drive to the city then. But don’t get me wrong! I love my job and I need the money! But what an inconvenient time! I would have been much better off if the final film had been released in November of 2011, so I could catch it for the midnight release then.

And so, I have been listening to others rant and rave about the film, each burst of excitement as a stab of pain on my insides. I have listening to insane stories of how people were sobbing as if they’re parents were dying right in from of them, of how everyone clapped, how everyone screamed, and “ooooed” and “ahhhd”. How everyone felt a sense of loss, but finality and closure as they lights went up again at the end of the film. Everything that I wish I could have experienced having lived in a bigger city. And now that the final film is out, and literally everyone has seen it, I feel that I have completely missed my chance. In fact, when I think about it, I have lost every chance I’ve had in life to watch these films on their release day!

And so now, all I can do is wait. I am literally helpless. This is complete insanity. I still can’t possibly imagine what I will experience watching this movie, and yet everyone else has. And I must, I MUST resist the urge to ask everyone all about it, every single minute detail of the film. It’s the last one, therefore it must remain a surprise for the most part!

Heh..funny thing…if you search in the right places there are pathetic camera versions of the films leaking online everywhere! I think about these at least 3 times everyday. And how, if I just typed in a few words, clicked a couple times, and said a prayer, I would be able to watch the whole movie right in front of me, right in my own home, just like that. No money. No hassle! It would be a terribly watered-down version of the film. But it would still be the film!..Who am I kidding? I can’t do this!

In the words of dear Lily Potter from the trailer (of which part you have now all seen in context with the film), “be strong”. Rediculous? Cheesy? I think not! I have made myself a plan! I will avoid certain parts of the internet for the next few days or so until I finally view this film. I will refrain from asking all of those burning questions. I will block all of those naughty illegal websites which host movies such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Wish me luck! And to all you who missed the midnight release, had to see the film the next day, and complained about it: HAH! You think you have it bad. ;) Cheers!

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  1. Emma Brown says:

    Adam, I do believe that I have to watch this movie after you do because 1. I’m in the fu**ing grand canyon and have go wait till the 26th to see it with my dad. 2. Beacuae I feel bad for you, even though in my oppiun I had it worse sence going to the Gtand Canyon was a surprise; I didn’t know my family was going utill we had got into the car. I am, however, happy that at least SOMEBODY had to wait wig me

  2. Kim says:

    Adam, Emma. I feel your pain! My life has gotten too busy for me to see any movies, much less an important one like Harry Potter! I most likely won’t be seeing it until next week. And until then, it is avoiding spoilers and any sort of giveaways. Hopefully, we all get to see it soon. Until then, let’s relish the fact that it isn’t yet over for us! :)

  3. Emma Brown says:

    That’s a good way of putting it, Kim! The magic WIlL last longer for us. I’m still upset about not seeing in theaters, just think, during Molly’s little sene, I bet the whole turtles clapped and laughed. They probably won’t as much now, but I guess imagining it it better than doing it because you almost always over think, if you will. I guess we’ll just have to bare with the pain together.

  4. Emma Brown says:

    I ment theature, not turtles. Haha

  5. Marcel says:

    Hahaha, I can just picture a bunch of turtles laughing and clapping, going “Yeah, you go Mrs. Weasley!!!”

  6. Katherine says:

    I need to see it too, but I’ve been on camp. :( I’m going insane!

  7. Emma Brown says:

    I finally went and saw it yesterday. Now, without spoiling anything – IT WAS F***ING AMAZING!!! Like other HP movies, it was far from perfect, but it defiantly fit the bill. I think everyone will say this is their favorite movie to date and just might stay that way for a while. Oh, by the way, did you know that this movie broke boxoffice record? Worldwide it made $881,995,885!! That is a record for opening night.

  8. Katherine says:

    It was amazing but I couldn’t stop crying!