New Year’s Challenge 2011!

Saturday, December 10th, 2011 | Author: Adam

Hey listeners, the New Year’s Challenge is BACK! And this year it’s even better than the last! The Potter Pensieve Podcast, through a series of awesome “Year in Review” blog posts, will be hosting a revamped challenge for your chance to win some AWESOME PRIZES! Here’s how the challenge will work:

There will be 3 “Year in Review” blog posts, and within each post, there will be a HIDDEN AUDIO FILE. You must follow the clues in the blog post to find and DOWNLOAD this small file from somewhere on the page. Your job is to open the file and listen to a special clue about a person, place, or thing from the Magical World! This clue will be voiced by one of the podcasters, and there are 3 CLUES (1 per post) in total to this magical “something”. Once you think you know what this “something” is, you have ONE CHANCE to email us at (Or the Contact page) with YOUR GUESS! If you’ve guessed correctly, your name will be put into a DRAW and we will announce the winners on an upcoming PPP episode in January 2012! That’s all there is to it, and we hope you have fun taking part in it!


1. Go to

2. Read through the blogs as they are released

3. Find and listen to the clues

5. Email your guess to us at, or using the Contact Page.

6. Your name will be entered into the draw if correct!


This year we have 2 prizes:

1st Place will receive: A brand-new POTTER PENSIEVE PODCAST T-SHIRT, and a chance to GUEST HOST on an upcoming episode of the PPP!

2nd Place will receive: A brand-new POTTER PENSIEVE PODCAST T-SHIRT!

And finally, these hidden audio files may contain some never-before-heard audio footage from Potter Pensieve episodes of 2011! So make sure you listen all the way through! We hope you take part in the challenge and we hope that you enjoy reading about Year 2 of the PPP, as so much has happened this year!

Look for the FIRST POST in a week or so! Updates will be on Facebook and Twitter!

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