Year 2 In Review – Part 2!

Sunday, December 25th, 2011 | Author: Adam

This post is the second of the New Year’s Challenge series. (Hint – watch for underlined letters). Click here to read the FIRST POST, and click here to learn about how to enter the New Year’s Challenge! Enjoy!

his spring and summer were quite possibly the most eventful times of the year. With the final Harry Potter film just out of grasp, the fandom was whirring with excitement and anxiety. Another event that was quickly approaching was LeakyCon 2011, at which many of the Potter Pensieve team would be congregating to celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter. I, feeling very left out, could not make it to the Florida due to expenses and distance.

pring proceeded with a bang as we began planning our long-anticipated April Fool’s joke. I sent out a mass email to all of the Pensieve bloggers, explaining that Thio would be “trashing” the website to make it look as if Voldemort had invaded, and that we needed all of the bloggers to contribute a blog post written as if Voldemort, himself, had created it. It is my pleasure to say the April Fools was huge success! The website garnered 325 visits, the most it has ever received in one day.

he website looked spectacular, having a reddish evil tinge, and dusted with a Dark Mark. The small iPod in the corner was completely destroyed. On March 31st, Thio and I had a rather long Skype session where we reviewed everything that was to happen the next day, and upon looking at the “revised” template, it was hard to put it up quickly in all the excitement. Some memorable blog posts of April Fools are “The Lord Who Rocked” posted by Marcel, and “The Letters to JK Rowling” posted by Hollie (we miss you Hollie!). Check them out! And thanks to everyone who helped make April Fools a success!

s the end of Spring drew nearer, we released our Trailer Talk episode, in light of the DH Part 2 trailer being released. It was with the number of downloads that we realized just how popular Movie Talk was. With this, we speculated on whether to do Movie Commentaries or not, knowing that the entire premise of the Potter Pensieve Podcast is to go through the books, rather than the movies. Ultimately, we decided to record movie commentaries, feeling that listeners will want to “remember Potter once more” through the films as well. Look for our Movie Commentaries come January 2012!

ear the end of May, my family received the sad but not unexpected news that my grandmother had passed away. After breaking her hip she was rushed to the hospital where she remained there for the last 6 months. After a severe stroke, she quickly passed, and the family rushed over to Alberta to attend her funeral. It was during this time that I sent quite a few messages to the gang regarding recording episode 20 without me. This was a first! And I must say that Emily, Thio, and Hollie did an excellent job, both with Thio’s editing and the content of the episode. While listening back to the episode, I laughed aloud when Emily justly proclaimed, “This is our first episode without Adam! That’s right guys, we can do whatever the hell we want with this one!”

DOWNLOAD EPISODE THIOWENTY HERE. Right click and “save link as’.

ummer finally emerges! And with it, Hollie began her Summer Series – “Bewitched”. A blog series focusing on the women of the Harry Potter series.

lso, a fantastic event occurred. One that, I must admit, gave me anxiety that I hadn’t felt since the release of Deathly Hallows, 2007. We were finally going to find out what Pottermore was all about. The only downside was that in order to not miss the announcement, I had to awake at 3:30 AM. And so I did. Grabbing a large mug of coffee, I logged on to Skype and joined Emily (the only other that was awake) in experiencing this historic event. It was quite an experience to be sitting on a small wooden chair, amongst the mounds of rubbish in the storage room (the only room in which I could talk without waking anyone up), and watching the Pottermore youtube page suddenly go cloudy at 4 AM as the announcement trailer was released. Upon viewing the trailer, Emily and I found that websites such as Leaky were not working to due to all the traffic. The hilarity of reading news stories in little segments on Twitter was one that made the experience all the better. And if the morning could not be more eventful, we were invited to join Christine Kaune on her podcast “Specialis Revelio” to discuss the release of Pottermore and analyse the extra information and pictures that came with it. To listen to our joint minicast with Specialis Revelio, DOWNLOAD IT HERE! Right click and “save link as”!

uly was what I’d like to call the climax of the year. Deathly Hallows Part 2 would soon be released and the excitement was almost unbearable. Blog posts about “the end” and how we would “miss the fandom” began cropping up on the website. I, myself, blogged a post entitled “The Decade of My Life”.

eakycon finally happened, at which Thio decided to make everyone jealous with pictures of his trip to The Wizarding World of Hary Potter, in Flordia.

nd while everyone was away, Hollie and I recorded another episode, on which Marcel agreed to join us! Thanks very much, Marcel! Hopefully you enjoyed yourself! Check out Marcel’s youtube videos here! This episode was also, surprisingly, Hollie’s final episode, as in early August she announced that she would not be returning due to her teaching venture to Hong Kong! She left us with a heartfelt goodbye and warm letter to all the listeners. We know she misses all of us, but just doesn’t have the time to record due to an exhausting timezone. Also, she’s now having a blast teaching in Hong Kong and learning about new cultures! Hollie has since started a new blog of her own, one in which she’s documenting her experiences in Hong Kong. Check it out HERE!

mong the events of July, there was one that stood out in particular. Kimberly Cooper, head editor of, was asked to be on WJR Radio to discuss the release of the final Harry Potter film. First of all, it was rather awesome to listen to Kim for the very first time, and second, Kim (I am proud to say) was announced as “editor of”. Quite impressive to hear the name of our website on the radio! After a quick flip-out session upon hearing the radio show, I frantically sent the link to many others, and posted the link on the website.


nd with this post, I’d like to send out a Merry Christmas to everyone! All the listeners, bloggers, podcasters, and donators! I hope you all have a fantastic Ho ho, and are spending it with your loved ones!

Look for the New Year’s Challenge Clue #3 in the third and final post, to be published next weekend!

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