The Potter Pensieve #36 – OotP Chapters 31-34

Saturday, May 04th, 2013 | Author: Adam

We’re pleased to announce that our hiatus is at an end as Sarah, Thio, Mauricio and Adam bring you an in-depth and humorous look at chapters 31-34 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Also, we have some sad announcements and some ridiculously awesome ones. Some of our discussion points this ep include:

-The DA has proven to be therapeutic for Neville
-Does Umbridge have a mental disorder?
-Snape provided Umbridge with a fake serum!
-Reasons why riding a thestral would scare the crap out of us.
-The Ministry doesn’t get much cooler than the Department of Mysteries.

ALSO: apologies for Mauricio’s audio. We had some issues with the software, hence Mauricio sounds like he’s podcasting through a tunnel.



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