A Day of Wonder and Shame

Tuesday, March 01st, 2011 | Author: Adam

This past Friday I took a quick trip to Kamloops (the city nearest to my home). The family and I were off to do some errands and lazing around the city. About half-way through the day, I decided to branch off from the group and grab myself an Orange Julius at the food court. I bought my drink, sat down at a small table and began to play around with an application on my iPod.

It was only a few moments before I heard giggling. I looked up. Two girls, who didn’t look more than 13 or 14, were whispering to each other at a table a few feet away from mine. One had dark brown hair, and one had light blonde hair. They kept glancing at me, and I’m not going to lie, I was slightly uncomfortable. So I just ignored the situation and began to play on my iPod once more.

About a minute later I gave a startled jump when I heard a voice, “Uhm excuse me?” I looked up to see both girls at my table. A little flustered and skeptical I said, “Hi!” Then the girl with blonde hair said this:

“Uhm, well excuse me if I have you mistaken…well..I probably do…but are you on a podcast?”

My internals leapt inside. “Wow! Yes! I am!”

“Its the Potter Pensieve, right?”

“Yeah it is! Wow! I’m in shock! How did you recognize me?”

The two girls give each other a quick glance. “Well, to tell you the truth we were kind of creeping your profile on facebook…from that podcast group you have..”


“Yeah, we just saw you sitting here, and we weren’t sure if it was you or not…but we had to come and say hi just in case, you know?” Both the girls were looking rather excited. “And now I can definitely tell from your voice,” the blonde haired girl laughs.

We spent a few more moments talk about the podcast, and how much shock I’d been in that someone had recognized me from the show. The dark haired girl was rather quiet, and finally the blonde haired girl said, “Wow! This is crazy! Can you sign something for us?”

I looked around. Nothing to sign. And then a thought flashed through my mind: one that I will not discuss on this website. XD   I didn’t even have a pencil. But then the dark-haired girl pulled a pen from her purse, both looked at each other nervously (contemplating something), before the blonde girl said “Bah! What the heck!”

Now comes my moment of shame. I am extremely sorry to all of you who are reading this. No, I did not sign any part of the human anatomy, but I might as well have, because in an instant the book Twilight: Eclipse was flashing in front of my face. The girls had just bought the book from Coles Bookstore, which was across from the food court. I thought, “What the heck! This is my first autograph! When in doubt, sign a girl’s Twilight book!” And sign it I did! Once again, I apologize.

To finish off this post, I just wanted to thank all of the listeners from Kamloops! According to the download statistics, there are A LOT of you. In fact, the University in Kamloops has a Harry Potter club that has contacted us through email once! ^^Maybe this is because a co-host lives so close? I don’t know. But it was an awesome (and extremely surreal) experience to come across fans in public! Keep listening! :)


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  1. Emily says:


  2. I forgive you. It must have been awesome to give your first autograph, who cares what you signed it on!

  3. Boy With A Lightning Scar says:

    Adam, you are now required to have a Harry Potter book to be signed and given away on you at all times for just such occasions!