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Sorry Emily! I stole your idea! Josh’s “Can’t Wait to Watch Moments”!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 | Author: Josh

The Harry Potter film franchise is coming to a saddening conclusion. But that doesn’t mean it is over. We still have got two movies to go, so let us look at the awesome scenes that we have to look forward to.

The Wedding: The final moment of happiness before the epic journey of the last book begins. We see Fleur and Bill join in matrimony, and our first experience of the questioning of the secrets of Dumbledore; and we also get our first mention of Gregorovitch and Grindelwald. I also can’t wait to see the Lovegood’s dance.

Godrics Hollow : Probably the most emotional scene in the book, Harry visits his old home and the Potter’s memorial and gravestone. We also visit “Bathlida Bagshot” at her house and see the breaking of Harry’s Wand.

Snape’s memory:  My most favorite chapter in the whole series, it answers all the questions we had been asking for a long time. Snape’s enduring love for Lily and burning hatred for James is finally shown to Harry. The memory also gives Harry the secret that will defeat Voldemort.  

The Seven Potters: From the recent photos and videos that have been released, I can only imagine how embarrassing and fun this scene must have been to film. The fight will be awesome too.  The  death of Mad-Eye will be heart wrenching.

Epilogue:   The meaningful conclusion of a great series that offers just enough closure (although we could all agree that we wanted more). I can’t wait to see Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione’s kids

The Deathly Hallows: It has been released that the three brothers’ sequence will be animated, but I don’t care. The Hallows will be cool to see on screen. We will, thanks to the resurrection stone, be able to see the return of Gary Oldman to the series which my mom will love.
Ministry of Magic: The mission to retrieve the locket will be filled with suspense as they find the locket, stun Umbridge (I was so happy when Harry did that), and help the suspected Mudbloods get away.

The Malfoy Manor: The place where important deaths happened (Dobby, Peter, Charity) the escape from the manor will be towards the end of Part 1. Harry will also steal Draco’s wand.

Gringotts: Who would have thought that the most secure place in the Wizarding World would be broken into by three teenagers and a former employee? We have to look forward to see Helena Bonham Carter act like Emma Watson.

 The Battle of Hogwarts: The exciting, final climax of the book. We will be seeing many old faces come and fight of Death Eaters. We will see Harry defeat the greatest dark wizard of all time. We will love to see Emma Thompson come back to throw crystal balls over the banister at Hogwarts as Professor Trelawney.

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