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The Potter Pensieve #52 – DH Chapters 24-27

Friday, January 17th, 2014 | Author: Lord Voldemort

Sarah, Heather and Adam in the recording studio today with some speculation on chapters 24-27 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is the final part of the book before the Battle of Hogwarts ensues! It’s a gooder, so enjoy!

Finally, our last episode is coming quick! Send in your chicken soups and favorite moments to our email or Facebook, and we will include them in the finale of The Potter Pensieve Podcast!

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The Potter Pensieve #49 – DH Chapters 12-15

Saturday, October 12th, 2013 | Author: Adam

Thio, Adam and Heather take an “SNL” theme this week with the nitty gritties on chapters 12-15 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Tune in for lots of great in-depth discussion and humour!


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The Ignorance of Non-Potter Fans! ;)

Friday, March 18th, 2011 | Author: Kim
Having a seven year old child really makes a person revisit and relearn important life lessons.  Yesterday while at the dinner table, my family and I got into the discussion of what to do if someone is being picked on.  My daughter, ever the shy little violet, is very upset about teasing and bullying that has been occuring in her class.  She wants to stand up to the bullies but is afraid.
My husband advised her to keep her head down and her nose clean.  Essentially, stay out of it.  And here is where Harry Potter comes into the story.
I tell my daughter that she should do what she thinks is right, even if it isn’t easy.  I then tell her that is what Harry Potter would say.  She’s had a love affair with Harry before she could say his name. For years, he was Hair Pott. And so this was a great example for her.  Something with which she could associate.  Harry always chooses the right path, even when things are hard. Even when his life is on the line. Granted, Abby’s life won’t be on the line in this situation.
And then, the epic battle of the decade began.  My husband, a man who has never read this amazing series, launches into a shpeil about Harry only wanting to stay out of trouble, not caring about what is right, just wanting to be with his friends.  He told the Sorting Hat to pick Gryffindor because he didn’t want to get picked on.  He isn’t brave and courageous.  He just wants to keep his head down.
Imagine me, sitting across from him, mouth agape.  What is he even talking about? Did I actually marry this person?! Is he crazy?
I restrained myself from launching across the table, jungle cat style.  I then stated my arguments as to why he is a doofus.  And yes, I actually used the word doofus.  Harry did not pick Gryffindor to stay out of trouble.  He did not keep his head down, ignoring what was going on around him.  If you want examples of kids who just stayed out of the way, there are plenty.  But Harry is not one of them.  Harry is brave and courageous.  He doesn’t do things for the glory.  He acts out of the goodness of his heart.
And let’s be honest.  If Harry had kept his head down, we’d all be in a world filled with darkness and evil magic right now.
I then had to remind myself that no matter how much I’d like it to be true, Harry Potter is a fictional character.  And the changes of Lord Voldemort showing up in Washington D.C. are slim.  Yet I felt the need to defend my favorite guy against the ignorance my husband chooses to display.
Honestly, we got married?! How did that happen?

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