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The Potter Pensieve #44 – HBP Chapters 24-26

Thursday, August 01st, 2013 | Author: Adam
Heather, Sarah, Mauricio and Adam tackle chapters 24-26 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this week. Listen in as we analyze the discuss the chapters leading to the climax of the novel – as well as a debate between Mauricio and Heather on the differences between the book and film! We look forward to getting some email feedback!
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How Will They Work Out Movie 7??

Monday, November 15th, 2010 | Author: Adam

I have been steadily thinking about the movie 7, not the release and excitement, but of what they will actually compose the movie.

First of all, I have to be honest, I really had a problem with movie 6. I feel that they practically destroyed this movie. It was dull (yes, I know the book was more “talk” than action as well), but they could have easily worked around this if they hadn’t left some major plot points out. I also felt like Harry did not act like Harry. In movie 6, he seemed so devious and dark (especially while planning to pursue Slughorn), as if there was some gnarling creature inside of him wanting to burst out. To me, this is not how Harry should have been. He was very innocent and almost nervous in the books. Quite a contrast. Also, it was too quick, editing was choppy, scenes were left seemingly unfinished. But one problem that I refuse to let go, were all the knots that were left untied. The filmmakers, I feel, made an enormous mistake with the direction they led the movie in. HP6 focused more on the teenage romance than it did the actual plot. From watching this movie, we hardly know anything about Tom Riddle as he rose to power! We know nothing of the Gaunts! We know nothing of the horcruxes! (With the exception of a couple). Book 6′s main focus was on the life of Tom Riddle and all of his horcruxes. Movie-watchers have no idea what or where the others are…This leaves me to thinking, how will Harry possibly find them?

Obviously he will, seeing as the movie will be released in just a few days…but how will the producers make it logical? What strategy will they use to cover up the fact that they really made a mess of movie 6? I have thought of a couple options. One, is that Harry will learn of the Horcruxes through the will of Dumbledore. If this does end up to be the case, then I’ll be a little upset at the lack of creativity, and in other words, dullness of this approach to the story. Who wants Harry to read a bunch of things in order to advance the plot? Not me.

Another option, one that I find much more plausible and intriguing, is that Harry will learn through his mind connection with Voldemort. In the movie, I am imagining Harry wincing with pain, scar hurting, and then the distorted image of Voldemort, proclaiming what and where his other horcruxes are. I think, visually and cinematically, that this approach to the plot is much better, even if it is a little dissapointing. Hey, it’s better than the will, right? I’m sure there are many other ways that the producers could flatten their little plot-bump, (which I still find rediculous seeing as they knew how important it would be), but I can’t recall of any more ideas at the moment…

Anyways, this is not to detract from my excitement of this movie. I am, and will be for a while, unbelievably stoked to finally see this epic tale brought to cinema. I just thought I’d share with you all a little something that I question while these films are made, possibly to just to hype us all up even more. :) Cheers!

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