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Help us make our final episode memorable!

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 | Author: Lord Voldemort

DEAR FRIENDS: Despite the surreality of it, we are now approaching the final episode of The Potter Pensieve Podcast. With only a few episodes left, we will be concluding the show in just a few weeks! We’d like to make the final episode the best it can be.

We’re asking for 2 things: First, we’d like to have a list of some of your favorite / funniest / weirdest moments from the show. Please email, tweet, or Facebook us with the episode number and time-stamp that this moment is in. We know we’ve had quite a few! You can definitely send in more than one!

Second, we’re looking for “chicken soups” (for lack of a better term). Whether we’ve had a positive influence on you somehow, if you have a funny story related to the show, want to embarrass us, or simply enjoyed listening, we’d like to hear about it. Again, email or FB us with your short-piece and we’ll be reading them out on the final episode!

Thank you all again for an incredible 4 years. While we’ve been through numerous hosts, websites and a few hiatuses, we’ve made it to the end and we couldn’t be more proud to have a such an inspiring community of listeners. We also hope this podcast has been of benefit to you in adding a little more Potter to your lives. The challenges and opportunities this show has brought about in the last few years have provided us with skills and friendships that we will carry with us for an indefinitely long time.

So thank you. 


The Potter Pensieve Podcast #22 – GoF Chapters 23-25

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 | Author: Adam

What’s up listeners! We decided to record this episode on spur of the moment, in realization that between our two DH discussion shows, there would be A LOT of empty days! So, this ep we discuss chapters 23-25 of Goblet of Fire. And special “welcome” and “thanks” to Marcel Schaer for being a guest on the show, and dazzling us with his awesome music! This episode, we discuss topics such as:
-Ron needs to fight with Hermione in order to become a man!
-Dobby, an inspiration to all future house elves.
-Rock Music? In Harry Potter? Hmm..
-Hagrid’s emotional insecurity.
-Could Dumbledore have made Moody’s eye?
And loads more!

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ALSO! Be sure to check out Marcel’s YOUTUBE ACCOUNT HERE!! And watch his music video below!