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The Potter Pensieve – DH Part 1 Film Commentary!

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 | Author: Lord Voldemort

Sarah, Heather and Adam (Thio’s in Florida!) record their long-awaited Deathly Hallows Part 1 Fan commentary with many insights, questions, discussion topics, theories, slightly biased opinions and laughs. Watch the film, while listening to us as we analyze it, from beginning to end, in real time. All you need is the film, a couch, television (computer), popcorn, and 2.5 hours of free time. Enjoy an adventure beyond your wildest dreams!

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The Potter Pensieve #51 – DH Chapters 20-23

Saturday, January 04th, 2014 | Author: Lord Voldemort

Heather and Adam bring in the new year (and PPP’s birthday) with a fun and insightful look at chapters 20-23 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Speculation falls on Xenophilius as a character, the ambiguity of being “master of death”, alternative media in the wizarding world as opposed to the muggle world, the theory of how Voldemort’s name came to be so feared, and lots more!


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Year 2 In Review – Part 1!

Monday, December 19th, 2011 | Author: Adam

Foreward: We really hope you enjoy reading through all of the events of this year for the Potter Pensieve Podcast. (Hint – watch for underlined words.) And we hope you take part in the challenge as well! For instructions and information on the New Year’s Challenge, click HERE! Good luck!

2011 has practically come and gone and I am jolted to the reality that it has been 2 whole years since The Potter Pensieve Podcast was first started. This year has been just as, if not more, eventful than the last. We’ve had over 20,000 downloads this year, topping those of last year with over 6,000! The year has been a whirlwind of craziness: creativity, originality, new bloggers, recognition, laughs and even sadness. This year certainly developed upon last year and has made our podcasting experience all the better.

With January, 2011, came a whole new feeling. I know it would sound cheesy to call it “wisdom”, so I will just say that it was more “experience”. To say that we’d kept a podcast up and running for an entire year was quite an accomplishment, especially when rummaging through the Harry Potter podcast section on iTunes and noticing that a good 90% of all podcasts had only made to their 5th episode before they quit. Having the show up for a year gave us a sense of confidence that we could keep it up and running for yet another year..and we did!

January began with episode 14, on which Sarah Myers, our Wizarding World blogger (now a Pensieve regular) made her first guest-host appearance on the show! Before recording, Sarah gave us the spiel about how she was incredibly nervous and to just “take it easy” on her. Needless to say, we were shocked when she began recording with us as if she’d been doing it from the very beginning! She got along with all of us: Thio, Emily, Hollie and I, extremely  well and joked with us as if she’d known us forever! When the recording was finished, the general consensus was – “Bring her back!” On episode 14, we also drew the winners of the first New Year’s Challenge and were delighted when we pulled listener (and Thio’s good friend) Kirsten Baumann from the hat. We hope she had a good experience podcasting with us!

With February came a great deal of “technical difficulties”. For starters, the 4 of us came upon the revelation that we should all record our own separate audio tracks. Why we hadn’t done this before? Who knows… The problem with Skyping altogether and recording it as a single audio file is that there are many cuts in the audio, and it is rather difficult to delete coughing, sniffing, and sneezing without deleting the portion of speaking that a person is saying during it. Recording our own audio tracks promised us clarity, and gave the freedom of deleting unwanted sounds from whoever, without interfering with the topics being discussed. So! We gave it a shot, feeling everything would be great, but soon we found that certain podcasters (THIO! *Cough*) had his speakers too loud and picked up all of our sound at a lag. Soon we were presented with yet another editing nightmare. But after a few episodes we finally fixed the issue and found that this new way of recording was perfect.

As we moved in to March the online Harry Potter fandom was evidently becoming more excited more the release of the final Harry Potter film. Blog posts from many different websites began cropping up, presenting “never before seen” images and information from the sets of the film. Comments and speculation surged through the net and it was becoming more clear to us that we needed to add to ourtrusty website “staff”. We opened the blogging applications once more, and eagerly welcomed Katherine, Rhea, Marcel and Christine to the Potter Pensieve team! At once, in all the excitement, blog posts continuously plagued the site with topics pertaining to the new film, and a plethora of other HP related things. It was incredibly awesome to see the site with so much activity, and in the back of my head I questioned whether the website would garner this much attention after the final film had been released…

In March we also successfully completed our look at Prisoner of Azkaban, and in episode 16 we Thio, Emily, Hollie and I started the “big books”. Goblet of Fire was simply fantastic to go through, and as we moved into the spring and summer we were blown away by all of the amazing events that would soon occur…until next post!



Deathly Hallows… How will it be?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 | Author: Maria

Ok, so I just read Adam’s post about DH (which I completely agree with), and I decided to share some of the things that are actually worrying me a bit (although I’m extremely excited about the film)…

I mean, in HBP they burned the Burrow and now in DH they show it intact, it will be rather strange to watch. However, when I say this, most people tend to reply, saying that wizards and witches can use magic to rebuild it. Oh, yes, that’s true. But doesn’t it seem like the producers just decided to burn the Burrow, I guess to simply try and add some excitement to HBP, and now found a quick, easy, and extremely uncreative way to explain it? Yep, it does seem a bit like that, at least to me.

Another thing is the relashionship between Dobby and Harry, that is not explored in the previous films. For those who have only watched the films, how will they understand the complexion of it? I don’t really know what they are going to do about that topic…

And Fleur and Bill? I mean, they never showed in the films that they were in love! It’s kind of pointless to make a weeding scene in DH… I’m not saying that I don’t want to see that scene, though, because I do, it’s just that it really does seem pathetic to me that, after all the years the producers had to put that kind of details into the films, they just left it behind. Like if we weren’t going to notice that!

Oh, and what about Bill and Charlie? How are we suppose to recognize them? Will they pretend that Harry has already met them or will some of them say something like, “Hi Harry, I’m Bill Weasley”? If they do that, it will sound really bizarre, considering that Harry is supposed to already know all of the Weasleys by now… I think they’ll probably have to do something like that because neither Bill nor Charlie are going to have a poster saying “I’m Bill/Charlie Weasley”. I seriously don’t know how they are going to introduce all of the people that have to be introduced…

Also, how will they explain the mirror fragment? Will someone give it to Harry? Will it be on Dumbledore’s will?

I’m really looking forward to watch the film, which is going to be released on the 18th here in Portugal, and I can’t hardly wait to have all of my questions answered! Although I’m a bit worried about all of these facts, I still love all of the films and I can’t wait to watch DH! Only two more days to go…