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Wizarding World

Wednesday, July 06th, 2011 | Author: Thio

Hey guys!! July has finally come and I was finally able to go to Orlando for a nice long vacation. Although I won’t be joining the fandom for LeakyCon, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located in the Universal Islands of Adventure parks.

The park really is amazing and the sensation of walking down Hogsmeade for the very first time is wonderfully weird. Here are some pictures I took today and that I wanted to share with all potterpensieve staff and listeners. Hope you enjoy!

WARNING: The following pictures might be considered spoilers by those who want to experience the park only and entirely by themselves. I tried to select pictures that show some cool stuff while not revealing too much. There are no pictures of any rides…


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…. then WWoHP!

Friday, November 19th, 2010 | Author: Sarah

Don’t worry, this post will not contain any spoilers… I will save those for a later date :)

However, I feel the nagging urge to let everyone know that, in my opinion, this movie was absolutely top notch and surpassed many of my expectations which is saying quite a bit! I was pleasantly surprised by the spontaneity of humor throughout the horrific events that happen during this first half of the final chapter of Harry Potter. I found that the quirky little laughs I had were greatly offset by the sadness and anger that is inevitably included in the movie. It was directed in a way that made the flow of emotions seem like the Flight of the Hippogriff ride with its smooth turns and twists as opposed to the Dragon Challenge that leaves you in an emotional wreck. Finally, I feel I must add that I usually don’t “like” the HP movies the first time around because I’m too busy speculating on how grossly it differs from the book, but not this time! I walked out of the theater at 3:00 am feeling one hundred percent happy with the movie.

Now, I am back at my hotel room too excited to sleep and very eager to blog about Harry Potter. Of course, that whole sleeping thing could have something to do with the fact that we are waking up in the morning and heading to the park! I have the awesome privilege of taking my nieces with me, one of which has never been to the WWoHP. I am so very excited to see their reactions first hand and I am fully prepared to record the entire experience!

Stay tuned for the gory details of my first experience at the park as well as my take on my nieces!

P.S. This all came just in time. At 12:01 am, while waiting for the movie to start, I was reminded that it had officially become my birthday!


What Should I Do First?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010 | Author: Sarah

I have an internal struggle that I thought maybe, just maybe, if I lay the struggle out for all to see, I might get some much needed direction. I am going (for sure) to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this weekend. However, I had to compromise and succumb to the much talked about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios just to get someone to go with me. Probably, I am just infatuated with the WWoHP and it is not possible for me to fall out of love with it (unlike other way too muggle-ish people)! What I am really saying is that I can never get enough. I can literally just sit outside the Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head Pub or even just sit on the wall near the Owlery and completely enjoy myself! I don’t necessarily need to go on rides, although I do love the Forbidden Journey. :D

Okay, so that being said, my internal dilemma is this: I still have yet to see the park at night. I have heard all about how beautiful it is and how it’s a “must-see”. Still I haven’t been able to actually see it. On the other hand I have made this “compromise” to go at night to the other park. So, would it be rude of me to ditch the others (who, by the way, are only going to keep each other company while I relish in a world I want to live in) and go to Hogsmeade to see this amazing world look even more enticing? Don’t forget that if I do evade my company and go to the WWoHP instead I will have some really great pictures and possibly videos for your viewing pleasure! (No coercion there :) )


Is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Expanding?

Saturday, October 16th, 2010 | Author: Sarah

For those of you that haven’t heard, there are little murmurs of the possible expansion of the Wizarding World. Those murmurs turned into very important questions such as “How soon?” and “Where at?”. So far, the only question I know the answer to is “Who”. It has been confirmed that the “who’s-who” staffers of Universal Studios did, in fact, conduct a survey asking visitors their opinions on the expansion.

My opinions is the more, the merrier! But I am also not in a huge rush and I will tell you why. Firstly, I am still enjoying what we have been given (which is a whole lot of great stuff considering the amount of space they had to work with). Secondly, there are still many more fans that are still waiting for their chance to see the park. And last, but definitely not least, I still see stuff I didn’t see the last time I was there. Just as I am sure there a many of you that feel the same.

Last time I visited I did see a tiny bit of construction but I could find no one that could tell me what was being constructed, so that is one of my new goals. I will find out…for our sanity!

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Islands of Adventure would profit much more for a longer period of time by holding out until the newness of the park simmers a bit.

So, now I ask: What do you think of a possible expansion? If you haven’t already visited, would it matter at this point if there was an expansion? And if you have been to the WWoHP, would an expansion really influence your park frequency yet?


Love At First Sight

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 | Author: Hollie

Hey all you Potter fiends! I’m Hollie, or to Adam, “The Professor” – a geeky English teacher who is happy to become part of the blog team. Thank you, Adam and Heather!

I first fell in love with the series back in 2000. Previous to that, a semester of university had impressionable moi in a rather pretentious mood (regrettable). I fancied myself a rejecter of much pop culture. Puh-lease, right? That being confessed, I’d begrudgingly accompanied a friend to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We ventured to the theatre, and to my bafflement, kids were arriving at the cinema robed and bespectacled! Who were these children? I demanded. My patient friend urged me to give it all a chance, and like a surly Hermoine after a rather far-fetched Divination class, I scoffed. Deep down, I was curious. Plus, it involved popcorn and candy. I was in.

Almost immediately after my outbursts of rage against the Potter machine, I was quieted by my own awe. The music, the imagery, the magical beasts and beings! I was far too excited about the wizarding world to be rueful toward my knowing movie partner. Instead, I turned to her, begging to borrow the first few books. After that, I joined the anxious fandom in waiting for more. The books quickly became my companions, always offering humour and wisdom on the dullest of days, adding to a lazy summer afternoon in the breeze, or ending a productive day of work with quiet bliss.

Yes, Hollie didn’t hesitate in leaping over to the magically dark side, thankfully never to return! The Wizarding World is my sanctuary, and all its characters are part of me in some way. Even the bad ones! Like Kim says, I’ve never been the same since my fateful run-in with Harry and his friends. My journey with the series will never end, only grow to be more magical with time.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Thursday, October 07th, 2010 | Author: Sarah

First, I want to say a big “Hello” to everyone!

I am very lucky to live very close to the WWoHP and I do take advantage of that! I plan on going again either this weekend or next. Until then, I have some very raw footage for your viewing pleasure (click the link below).  If  you have any questions or queries you would like me to get some good information on before my next visit, please post a reply and I will do everything I can to get your answers!


Wizarding World, I miss you

Monday, October 04th, 2010 | Author: Kim

Currently, I am on my honeymoon in beautiful and sunny Orlando, Fl. I am eating breakfast on my balcony overlooking a gorgeous fountain. I spent the yesterday rubbing elbows with Mickey and seeking thrills on the various rides Disney World has to offer.

And still, I’m kind of sad. You see, there is no visit to the Wizardinf World for me. The lines are long, the tickets are expensive and we have no rental car to take us there. I’m so close to the Harry Potter experience I can taste it.

Hopefully, donning some Mickey ears and running around like a kid will console my sorrow.