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The Potter Pensieve Podcast #22 – GoF Chapters 23-25

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 | Author: Adam

What’s up listeners! We decided to record this episode on spur of the moment, in realization that between our two DH discussion shows, there would be A LOT of empty days! So, this ep we discuss chapters 23-25 of Goblet of Fire. And special “welcome” and “thanks” to Marcel Schaer for being a guest on the show, and dazzling us with his awesome music! This episode, we discuss topics such as:
-Ron needs to fight with Hermione in order to become a man!
-Dobby, an inspiration to all future house elves.
-Rock Music? In Harry Potter? Hmm..
-Hagrid’s emotional insecurity.
-Could Dumbledore have made Moody’s eye?
And loads more!

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